February 2017



 The theme for February 2017 is The Power of Emotion.   So many people who join network marketing are first time business owners.  There are so many emotions that come into play when a person starts their first business.  This though is not for first timers alone.  Emotions play a big part for those networkers who have been in but have not experienced the kind of success that they have expected.  Emotions, ups, lows, excitement, check out how emotions factor into your business!

We want to hear from you out there and your view of The Power Of Emotions and how it effects your business. Email me at ….. George@TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com

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The Emotions of Network Marketing Video Article by Dale Calvert

The Emotions of Network Marketing       Discover the wisdom of Dale Dalvert when it comes to the emotions of network marketing. ___________________________________________________________ Don’t ever miss any great articles like this again Become a 27%er Success Member and get...
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Emotions in Network Marketing From the Prospect or Customer's Perspective by Sandy Morris

Emotion could easily be an acronym for “Energizing Motion” because without emotion there is very little motion or action. Without emotion, a Presentation is just a dull barrage of details that is likely to fall on deaf ears and have...
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When you don't have time to build a relationship by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Someone new, we don’t have days or months to build a relationship. So how do we present our opportunity? Don’t start with all the neat benefits of our opportunity. Don’t tell the prospects about the wonderful bonus checks, the trips,...
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Eliminating Negativity by Steve Taubman

If you’re intellectually honest, you’ll have no trouble admitting that you’re often limited by negativity. Maybe you’re pretty successful, and you’ve vanquished a lot of your habitual negative thoughts, but even if you’re that far along the path, you’re almost...
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The Power of Emotion by Jeanette S. Lopez

In the world of Network Marketing, your income reflects how well you can inspire someone with your unique story as to How and What you do for a living. A professional, in any business, must understand that there is a...
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The Power of Emotion by Frank Bolella Article and Video Article

Emotion is a powerful force that can make us or break us. Our emotions can make us big or small. They can make a man or a woman great or little. When harnessed emotion can move us continuously towards our...
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Emotions in Network Marketing from the selling perspective by Paul Morris

Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever accomplished without ENTHUSIASM.” Enthusiasm is an expression of emotion. All the facts and figures in the world do not stir the soul, it is only the enthusiasm of the presenter that brings the...
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Don't Place Your Future on Luck and Chance by Fred Weih

Let Your Emotions Drive Your Today and Future! If you asked most people “how does emotion affect their lives”, you probably will get a response like “love, laughter, even anger” come to mind. Of course those examples are correct. In...
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Discover Your Inner Balance to Harmonize Your Outcomes by Chris Magda

So what is Emotional Intelligence anyway? It sounded almost contradictory or even silly the first time I heard it… Hmm… Could it be that my reaction was justified in pairing these two words together as psychobabble mumbo jumbo or was...
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Happiness by Julio Varela

WHAT DOES THE “HAPPY” IN Happy New Year mean to each of us? Today is the last day of the year. Today is the day that many of us ask ourselves those questions that we tend not to want to...
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Why is emotional writing a powerful tool? by David Feinstein

Emotions are the spice that makes life more flavorful. There are some great flavors and not so good ones. There are articles and other content that does well, only becauseone, they target their audience and two, have emotions that are...
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Can I Bring My Emotions to Work? by James Pereira

In the mid ‘80s, I did Management as my Minor as an undergraduate. The implication I got from studying management was that it was a cut and dry function. Everything was supposed to be objective with no role for subjectivity,...
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Are You a Know-It-All-Do-Nothing or a Know-It-All-Do-It-All? by David Feinstein

If you’ve been spending time searching the web for network marketing training and guidance then there’s a good chance that it’s because of that, that you haven’t yet reached your goal (or gotten close to it). That may sound a...
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Art's corner, mighty monthly musings by Arthur Tugman

Arthur Tugman  Art’s corner, mighty monthly musings Success begins with an emotional tip that will take you over the top by acting on it devotional. With great size comes the challenge to not belittle Success begins with emotion and increases with...
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Your Emotions are Controlled by Your Mindset by George Madiou

What would you say if I told you that you are completely in control of the success or failure of your business? The success or failure of your business resides between your two ears, that’s right… it’s in your head....
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