A Word to Women By Cindy Hannon

A Word to Women

Women are powerful, visionary and hold the most success in Network Marketing companies! 

There are reasons why; they include the fact that for many women, being a Mompreneur makes more sense than going outside the home to work for someone else.  It makes sense to concentrate their efforts as they manage their time through networking according to their own schedule and not that of a boss. Women who are charting their own course in life through network marketing are working towards gaining financial and time freedom.  They are working at not being dependent on anyone else for their livelihood.  According to the DSA, the highest percentages of top earners in the industry are women.  If that is you, GO LADIES!  You are a superhero and to be admired for your determination and persistence.  If you are building a team in the industry, you are making a difference in your life and the lives of your team members.  Don’t let go of your dream, keep it up, your success and the success of others will be determined by your not giving up!

It is in our DNA to be nurturers; we are created that way. 

This business is a people business; it is about relationships more than product.  If we don’t care about people, we won’t be successful.  I believe sometimes women are just more caring and compassionate, without that quality, it is too easy to rub people the wrong way and they just won’t want to associate with you.  Keep showing your love to your team, they will gravitate to you because of that love. Encourage them out of your love for them ladies

Of course with all of the good qualities we women have that drive can drive us to soar in this business, there are also qualities that can be to our demise.  We are emotional, and, along with that, we take things to personally and hold on to things we shouldn’t hold on to.  Sometimes the waves crashing around us are being allowed to crash on us instead of around us.   We do it to ourselves.  We focus on the wrong issues; we let the small issues become big in our minds. We have a tendency to magnify things and get suck on the dot. This is the thinking that can really hold us back if we don’t channel our thoughts in the right way.  We can let other people’s words cut into us instead of letting them roll off our backs.  Don’t let people keep you from your dreams, don’t let the dream snatchers take away your dreams, keep your eyes on your goals and focus on what you need to do for your success.  Let go of those who want to hold you back, work with those who are positive and with you.  Rise up above the waves!

If you are a woman building this business, don’t let go of your vision or dream! 

If you are a husband behind a woman driven to be successful in Network Marketing, keep elevating her and lifting her up!  If you are the wife of a man driven for success, I would give the same advice for you, encourage them and stay positive.  This business gives us delayed gratification; it is a business like any other, but also, unlike any other.  It is like a savings account, when the money is put in the bank, the interest grows.  It takes investing time now to reap the rewards later.

You are worthy of great things!  God made you with special abilities.

Do you believe that?  That’s what you need to do.  You may need to forgive yourself first, go ahead and forgive yourself for any self-doubt.  Once you do that, you can believe you are worthy.  You are destined for success and as you are on that journey, you are going to be changing lives!  This year is coming to a close; a New Year is just around the corner, make a decision that you will make 2018 YOUR YEAR and shine!  You are woman ~ let them hear you roar!


Cindy Hannon

Cindy Hannon

Cindy, married to her high school sweetheart, has been at his side in Network Marketing since the late 70’s.They actually caught a glimpse and the fever when they were still in high school, but actually did not take action until a decade later.(That first glimpse was actually through an unethical company that required large investment and did not last, so for them it was only the vision they saw, but that fever had been caught.)

They built a successful business almost from the start.They quickly rose to a level where they were sought after for teaching and training.The company they were with took a bad turn at the corporate level; that had them in search for a company with a good business model and corporate team behind it.
Cindy eventually moved on into motherhood and home schooling their son.Her experience in the marketing industry, organizing and educating their son through high school and her experience working within their church has provided decades of experience in leadership as well working with people with many different personality types.

Nearly twenty-five years ago, Rick signed on for the network marketing business of their lifetime. This decision allowed them together, to build a designer lifestyle.They were able to take family time together while their son was growing up and now have a global business with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs.They spent two years living in Australia while they were actively building helping teams of people there. It is an annual trip they continue to enjoy.

Spending time with people and inspiring is her joy.
Cindy Hannon

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