Abundance Mindset by Ruben Torres

I was born the seventh child out of eleven to hard working migrant parents. As long as I can remember, I had suffered from a lack mindset for years. I believe the root cause of my fear was extreme poverty in childhood. The lack of money had always been an issue for my parents. They both had a fourth grade education and all they knew was working hard in the hot, scorching South Texas sun.

I can still remember as if it was yesterday, days with no food in the pantry and no electricity or heat in the house. Because of those circumstances, I developed a fear of not being able to buy what I needed. We were always struggling to make ends meet. It was always survival.

Does our mindset affect how we perceive success? Wealth? Progress? Healthy relationships? Successful businesses? Absolutely!

A lot of our society seems to be built on a scarcity mentality. It’s a mentality that tells people that opportunities are few and far between. I grew up with both a scarcity and survival mentality.

I was always afraid that there was never going to be enough food in my pantry to feed my family, I was always afraid that I were was going to be a lot more month than my paycheck and we were going to get evicted.

The scarcity mentality can be very painful and can create a lot of unnecessary fear and anxiety.

This type of mindset affects how you view your personal and professional relationships, promotions, education, entrepreneurship. It affects your way of thinking. In my personal life, I would stress out completely because I believed that I only had one shot, right now. And if I tried something and I did not succeed, I felt like a failure just because I stumbled here and there.

I truly felt utter desperation that I would have this poverty curse over my life. My great grandparents were migrant workers, my grandparents were migrant workers, my parents were migrant workers, I guess I am destined to be a migrant worker.

Then when I got to high school, coaches began to see my potential. One coach in particular believed in me and told me that I could be anything if I only believed in me.

So I began to devour books on improving my mindset. Think and Grow Rich was one of my all time favorites. I began to see wealth and prosperity in a whole new and exciting lens. There was a shift taking place not only in my conscious mind but my subconscious.

This months topic is on “Abundance Mindset” Does it affect how our members do business? In my personal opinion, I would say yes, emphatically! I had a mindset of scarcity. It affected my tremendously and negatively.

I’d like to share some points that I have made in transitioning from scarcity to abundance thinking. They have helped me and I believe they will be of help to you.

My first point is pretty obvious:

1). Focus on having Abundance and Prosperity and do not focus on lack. We know that what we think about we will bring about. Simple physics.

If you have a have a lack of money, then don’t focus on your lack. Focus on and think about the abundance of having a lot of money. Vision boards have gone from my mind to the poster to reality. This works. The energy flows where your mind goes.

2). Have an Attitude of Gratitude

What do I mean by this. When I caught this concept, being grateful for everything I had, even when it seemed small in the eyes of society, to me it was the biggest blessing G-d had bestowed upon me. I knew that my Attitude today would determine my Altitude tomorrow. I was grateful for life, health, food, family, friends, speaking engagements.

Every day, take ten minutes, close your eyes and focus on what you appreciate and are grateful for.

3). Have a Plenty mentality versus a lack mentality.

What do I mean by this? For instance, those with a “Plenty mentality,” believe that there is plenty of everything in the world from resources, love, wealth and opportunities. They believe they can afford what they want in life and say exactly that.

On the other hand, the lack mentality believe that there are limited opportunities, resources, love and wealth. They consistently say: I can’t afford that. I’ve been guilty of this in the past.

As Tony Robbins explains: “You never get beyond scarcity, you have to start beyond it.”

This is so true.

As the famous quote suggests: “The secret to having it all is BELIEVING you already do”.

What are you focusing on today? Is it getting you closer to your goals, aspirations and lifelong dreams? You change your mind, you change your world. This is your time. This year, 2017, is your year to Shine brighter than ever before.

In closing, I want to say that I honestly believe in you and see greatness in you. You were born to live a life of greatness.

Remind yourself daily to live large, dream big and believe in the endless possibilities that this beautiful life has to offer you. Live an abundant life creating memorable, unforgettable moments that you can truly cherish forever. You will be glad you did.

 Abundance Mindset by Ruben Torres



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