Add 40 Years to Your Life! by Linda Yates

The most effective networking comes from quality and not quantity.  It has been said that networking will increase your life by forty years! That is pretty incredible. Let’s look at why. Human beings are social in their very nature. We…

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Linda Yates

Linda Yates

Linda Yates

Linda has more than 20 years of experience in sales, customer service, marketing, business development and fund raising. She has spoken on topics such as leadership, customer service, personal development and growth, business marketing and communication. She has written for national publications on marketing strategy planning and development and has been a highly sought after asset for a variety of businesses and organizations.

She currently leads the exciting and diverse real estate training experiences on behalf of an industry leading organization. From online seminars to workshops to boot camps, she delivers the educational programs that help investors and first-time homebuyers thrive in today’s real estate market. With extensive project planning, public speaking and educational training experience, Linda distills complex issues into easy-to-understand messages that help individuals from all walks of life achieve their real estate goals.

Some of her latest training seminars have been directed to consumers facing economic challenges and providing strategies and solutions to ease or provide relief from today’s prevalent hardships.

Prior to working in the real estate industry, Linda executed motivation and training programs to thousands of individuals from several Fortune 500 companies on their internal processes and strategic initiatives throughout North America.

She is no stranger to the world of technology where she advised middle market companies on leveraging their existing business systems and to how maximize their customer relationships through technology.

Linda’s expertise is being a conduit to facilitate growth from a personal or business setting. She believes that if you “talk” about it, you better be willing to “walk the talk”.
Linda Yates

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