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To Be “Abundant” by Jeanette S. Lopez

Many personal development coaches speak of our “MINDSETS”. Your mindsets are basically the beliefs that are instilled in you while growing up. They are ingrained in your psyche; and how your life unfolds is often a reflection of your mindset….
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Are You Coachable? by Jeanette S. Lopez

Most people would instantly say, “Yes. I am coachable”; However, not everyone really knows what the question truly means. “Ultimately, how well you hear and apply feedback determines whether or not you are “coachable.” Here is a great definition on…
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The Power of Emotion by Jeanette S. Lopez

In the world of Network Marketing, your income reflects how well you can inspire someone with your unique story as to How and What you do for a living. A professional, in any business, must understand that there is a…Read...

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