Being a Student in the Profession of Training by Mark Davis

Being a Student in the Profession of Training

Learning and memory

I studied at the virtual feet of many of great speakers in my early twenties. I was working at TOP GUN Sales Academy, speaking  twice  a  week,  and  devouring personal development books and videos of the all-time legends of the industry.

Jim Rohn, Og Mandino, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, a library of self-help and personal and business development that led to me loving the stage and all that came with it.

I memorized sales techniques, presentation styles, closing questions, and the power of preparation in my talks. I rehearsed on the microphone in the training room after everyone else was gone, sometimes playing music and pumping myself up to walk on stage and open with a great first sentence… till 11pm!

I would feed my mind with these amazing speakers and authors to create an unshakable belief in my ability,  then I would practice to make it real.

And now I can speak anywhere, on any topic, in front of any audience.

When you learn something once and can do it pretty well, you feel like you know it. You keep that knowledge in your DNA forever,  so you can call on it in the future. Whether it’s riding a bike, casting a fishing line, or reading. When children are young today, their first interaction with technology  is  usually  a smart phone or tablet. So one of the first things they know how to do…. Is swipe!

When you get public speaking skills to a level of mastery, you can confidently speak anywhere. But you need to then add the ‘training’ layer onto that confidence, in order to get the most from the base level of the skill.

You build yourself a bank of knowledge that increases your value in the marketplace and increases your value to yourself. Because you can  trust yourself to continually learn and grow, which makes future learning easier.  Makes the goals you want to achieve easier.

Making change in yourself means confronting your beliefs head-on.

You are going to be tougher than the toughest audience because you can see yourself coming! No surprise ninja attacks! When you are challenging yourself you have no-one else to argue with.

Just your current reality fighting for a new future. Colored by all the things you’ve tried and failed, as well as all your amazing successes.

Changing yourself instantly is like trying to sneak up on your shadow. You just can’t do it. So might as well confront it in full daylight.

Maybe, your subconscious is fighting you hard to not accept that the  challenge to change is worthy. That the status quo is better.

You know you can survive and keep going the way you are now, but the  biggest problem is you can hear the voice in your own head. And when you listen to it, or argue with it, or create the results that your inner voice couldn’t believe were possible, you make that change and your brain changes forever. Because you’ve proven in your life previously that you can make change and survive. So you tell your subconscious this is the future and it’s time to ‘get with the program!”

Influencing your students


You can’t hear whats going on inside the crowds head. Their personal judgments, their own doubts and self-belief issues.

They are wondering if you ever did what you’re telling them to do. Did you have the same challenges. Did you ever doubt yourself being able to learn and achieve what you are sharing.

This is why I believe every concept you are wanting to teach to an audience you have to experience yourself. So you are convinced you have the authority to share it and have others learn from you.

You  have  to convince yourself. Then  it will show when you speak.

You have to realize the influence you exert on your students relies on an agreement between your conscious and your subconscious to consider new  ideas and new concepts. And to pass the belief to them, that it’s ok to learn something new.

Having that agreement will give you the freedom to explore scenarios of how you can implement the new idea or concept or skil.

You can run a movie in your head of the new life you would have with the  new belief or

When you have that agreement you listen to yourself, and you take the chance to bring the information into your head and put it in a ‘holding’ facility.  To consider the idea and the concept and theory and then let it sit there for a while.

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. So if you leave  the new idea in your head for a while, you give it time to merge into your brain – like a piece  of a puzzle, that is like putty? Its soft and able to add a layer to your beliefs, rather than something being missing.

It’s like being the final piece of a puzzle that is ever-evolving. A jigsaw that adds an inner section by opening and getting bigger.  Like 1000 pieces going up to 1200. The  new 200 pieces looks like a big hole in the puzzle. Which is why    you have to search to learn more and discover how to fill it.

And when you do, the finished product is more complex, more beautiful and more valuable than it was before.

Influencing yourself also comes from expanding your input  sources.

When you listen to the people around you. About what they see and how  they see you. About how you fit in the world around you. About how you are impacting it.

If your impact has lessened, you need to remind yourself to change.

Update your look, get more modern technology, more relevant examples, or go back to basics to reconnect. Don’t be afraid to go backwards in order to go forwards. One step in reflection will be worth 100 going forward.

But accepting our inner voice’s direction can be challenging too.  Our ego holds onto what we have created in the past, what we achieved, who we were, our titles and our responsibilities, how we believe we were perceived in the marketplace and the illusion of authority or power.

But you need to take an honest evaluation of your friends and colleagues.

Professionally — no-one cares. About anyone other than themselves.

And when you accept that no-one cares or worries about you and  your  career – well it’s liberating! You  only have  to manage and take care of you.  Which means you can do  anything.

That’s great. In fact its a refreshing position to be in, one I know made a huge difference in my life.

After running a million dollar company in the 1990’s,  a few challenges saw  the model we have change. Our USA parent company went out of business, and we no longer had our core product. Sales dried up, subscriptions dried up and I looked around — I was the only one still going. No more staff, no more office,   no more problems, and no more titles and responsibility.

I hated it at first. Change can be a big slap in the face when you build the business yourself. When you create a role for yourself that the public and your customers see.

I was able to reinvent myself and shift from being behind the scenes managing my business, and instead create a personal career and a business based on my own merits and my own talents.

Within 2 months of our biggest failure, I was giving live workshops in Los Angeles, and within 12 months had regained all the income I had lost and had no overhead but was still having the impact I dreamed of as a trainer.

Because I was willing to influence myself, look inside and work on what I needed to.

I want you to stop focusing on everyone else, and realize you need to influence yourself to make a bigger and better change for others.

Once you learn new things, you’ll be able to teach them to others. But learn nothing, and you have nothing to share.

That’s why they say great teachers, are also the best students. And you know all this! Maybe you train this topic of resiliency.

You and I know that the impact a trainer has on their students is based on your experience, your knowledge. What you learn in your ups and downs. And how you continue to learn and improve.

And one of the best things about being the trainer, is while you will attribute some of that change and growth and learning to particular influences – our favorite speakers or writers… you know you did it  yourself.

If you never picked up the book you wouldn’t have taken on the ideas. If you never went to that seminar you wouldn’t have been inspired to create a new activity in your workshops.

And that’s why I know that we can influence others. Our audience, our students, our customers.

Because you are able to influence people you can take everything we have learned in our own lives and study and successes and failures and share it with others. You need to do it. I think that’s my main point. If you don’t you aren’t living to your full training potential.

Because you can use our training skill to give them what our message is, effectively and deliberately, and manage that process for them. Take them through the challenge to their beliefs. Share the experiences of others. Give  them the chance to accept. Let them reject it. But present it for them to consider and put in their brain to think over.

You have the skills to do this. And if you don’t have them all mastered, by the end of this book you will  have.

You’re going to learn about Idea planting. Story Telling. Metaphors. Instruction. Interaction. Entertainment.

And because you’re a student of our profession – Public Speaking – you’re willing to learn it all. And make your next year the best ever. Learning… and training others!

Mark Davis

Mark Davis

Mark Davis is an international speaker, trainer and social entrepreneur whose passion is to inspire people to grow, lead and connect.

Mastery of Communication across the verbal, written and online area has helped him teach and train tens of thousands of people around the world.

Mark’s background and passion lies in speaking and training, helping people to develop and connect with like-minded individuals. During Mark’s speaking and training career, he has:

*Been a feature speaker at Networking *Mastermind Conference
*Developed online strategies for key networking leaders
*Built communities within organisations to facilitate more fluid idea-sharing
*Become an internationally-renowned speaker and traveling life coach
*Conducted public speaking, social media and internet marketing workshops across the USA, UK, Canada, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Romania, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Mark is also passionate about coaching, travelling and making a positive social impact.

Mark has helped Australian communities across the nation gain access to quality training, and fresh food when they need it most through not-for-profit partnerships. He’s used his experience in developing and growing initiatives in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland to launch multiple projects across the world to meet various community needs.

Mark resides in Australia, working on new projects as a social entrepreneur. In addition to his community initiatives, Mark also heads a new social enterprise, Feed More People, which works to provide assistance to communities in need across the globe.
Mark Davis


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