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You Make A Difference: Creating A Challenge


You Make a Difference: Creating A Challenge

Meaningful Work:

1. CONNECTION  – Connecting the Dots
   • CRITICIZING                – Separates people and ideas.
   • CRITICAL SPIRIT        – Separates you from yourself.
   • CRITIQUE                   – Begins the thinking process, but not enough. Separates the issues, clarifying them.
   • CRITICAL THINKING  – Begins to connect the dots between individual people, ideas,events, etc.
2. COMMUNITY at work.
  • SOCIABILITY               – Friendship.
  • SOLIDARITY                – Similar purpose and cause.
3. THE CAUSE – the purpose behind the work.
    What makes you lean forward (or back) with excitement at work?
4. CONTEXT – Understanding the underlying “myths” and “realities” of your setting.


Reflect on your Work History (Personal Diagnostic):
1. Think back on what you have enjoyed doing throughout your life in context to your job, work,vocation, business and what you have done well.
2. List at least three illustrations drawn from various periods of your life (school age, youngadult, middle adult, older adult if applicable).
3. As you reflect, ask yourself three questions: 1) What did you do?, 2) How did you do it?, 3) Why was it satisfying to you?
4. You will find recurring themes of “meaning” in them. Write these themes down and share them with a spouse or friend.
5. See where it leads.
RESULT: It will either affirm the meaningfulness of your work or show how you might need to change.
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Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell

Pastor Bill Mitchell is the Senior Pastor of Boca Raton Community Church in Boca Raton, FL.

Pastor Bill Mitchell is a third generation Boca Ratonion. Born and raised locally, he graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a B.A. in Bible and Theology and a Masters of Christian Ministry. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Leadership from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

His heart is truly to reach out to people both locally through compassion ministries and internationally through mission trips to other countries and bring them to the saving grace of Christ, our Savior. Bill and his wife Elizabeth met at Boca Raton Community Church. They have four wonderful children.
Bill Mitchell

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