Can Network Marketing Be Done Part-Time? By George Madiou

George-MadiouI have  received two answers to this question from the many experts that I have posed it to. Not surprising, the two answers are YES and NO!  How can both be correct? The reason is they both have one main thing in common.

The answer lies in the state of mind of the networker!


The reality is, that the great majority of networkers, worldwide, have full time employment and works their network marketing business part time.  Many leaders recommend to new distributors that they don’t quite their full time job, giving up that income, until they are earning enough to replace their salary.

There are a number of things that will take place that will determine that transition of part time to full time involvement.

  • The most important is your state of mind toward your business. What I mean by this is…
    • Are you treating your business like a hobby or a real business.
    • Are you serious and passionate about your business or is this just an afterthought or a non-profit hobby?
  • Do you have a mindset, whether part or full time, to take advantage of the dozens of opportunities each day to start a conversation with potential prospects, not to spew everything you know about your business, but to ask questions and LISTEN to that prospect for clues as to how to continue the conversation, now or later down the road. Listen and understand how to take the needs, desires, and possibly the concerns of your prospect and how does your products and opportunity fill those needs.
  • When you do this over and over again, you will become great at asking those good questions. You will also become competent at matching up your prospect’s issues and some potential talking points about your business.
  • Part of the mindset is to understand that you are “doing your business” when you are talking to new prospects, following up with existing prospects and keeping track of the people you have in your funnel. Cleaning your desk, practicing what you are going to say to someone until you have it perfect (without being in front of a real person) and going to meetings without bringing at least one person is not “doing the business.”
  • The right mindset revolves around being comfortable with people. The more you do this whether you are part time or full time, you will be creating an ever growing list of prospects you will be working with and you’ll never run out of people to team up with as a business building partner, a customer or a person to follow up with some time in the future.

This is the reason why this works both for part timers and full timers, it’s the same mind set!


The transition from part time to full time, again, is about timing.  You don’t want to put undue pressure on yourself because you left your job that created your living income prematurely.  This will be the fastest way to take your business, and loose that passion and enthusiasm.  I’ve seen people who have jumped to soon into full time and are so desperate that every time they are with a prospect all they see is not someone that they can help but a person with a dollar sign on their prospect’s forehead.  This is no way to build a successful business.

A part timer can have a mindset of a full timer.


As long as the part timer is keeping in mind, while they work their full time job, they are being exposed to potential prospects that they are laying great business building seeds with.

George Madiou

George Madiou

George Madiou is a full-blooded Entrepreneur, complete with validating credentials, Degrees in Marketing and Management from SUNY and NYU (could ya guess he's a native New Yorker!) To date George has owned over 30 businesses, and says they varied from wildly successful to outrageous learning experiences. Among other successful ventures George has achieved high pin levels in two different network marketing companies.

George loves the thrill of teaming up with great people and seeing projects come to life and that passion is responsible for this magazine getting off the ground 10 years ago. George partnered with his good friend John Milton Fogg and here we all (and we includes you the reader) are, making history happen.

George lives in a small town named Boca Raton, Florida. He says "If this isn't Heaven, I know that God at least vacations here." Without question, the joy of his life is his family. He and Debbie are celebrating their 38th anniversary this year. They have two great young adult children, Sara who is married to Greg and his son David.
George Madiou

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