November 2017

Your Story is Not Finished By Dale Calvert Video Article

Your Story is Not Finished Dale Calvert is one of the premier teachers and leaders in The Network Marketing Magazine Dale Calvert on Storytelling You can find Dale’s MLM Training website at _________________________________________________________ Don’t ever miss any great articles…
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My Life, My Story By Cindy Hannon

My Life, My Story My story began so long ago, but my story is my life.  I know God was leading me along this path before I ever knew who he was, or what he would mean to me.   He…
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Story Telling By Paul Morris

Story Telling Storytelling is a vast topic that embraces a multitude of elements all related to how to tell a story, why to tell the story, when to tell the story, presentation styles, voice modulation, descriptive adjectives and emotional trigger…
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