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The Theme for April 2018 – Integrity

This month’s theme is about…….  Integrity. In business today, Integrity is critical! With it, you are trusted. Without it, you are out of business! Hard to gain it, easy to lose it. It is critical to guard your Integrity. What…
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Integrity by Chris Widener

Integrity Listen to Chris Widener’s take on Integrity. Chris is one of the best trainers in our Industry.     _________________________________________________________ Don’t ever miss any great articles like this again Become a 27%er Success Member and get on an incredible…
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ULTIMATE NETWORKING – Credibility/Trust By George Dubec

ULTIMATE NETWORKING – Credibility/Trust   Providing  excellent products and services is a major reason for someone to refer you. Your credibility comes from your experience, background, track record, and education. Trust comes from your consistency, integrity, commitment, sincerity, and reliability….
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