Consistent Behavior Always Creates Great Results by John Terhune

Consistent Behavior Always Creates Great Results by John Terhune

One of the keys to success in life is consistency. It matters not the area that we are talking about because the concept of consistency transcends all of life’s pursuits. In my life’s journey I have noted that most people are consistent at one thing and that is at being inconsistent. Most people are consistently inconsistent.

If you are consistently inconsistent you will never build momentum in any area of your life.

Imagine the thickest sand on a beach you’ve been on, the kind where you almost sink up to your ankles because it’s so soft. Now imagine trying to run a 100-yard dash in that sand. It would exhaust you. You’re working your heart out, but you’re exhausted because there’s no consistency in the foundation that you’re trying to run on. Think of inconsistency as soft sand that prevents you from getting traction or footing or momentum in your life. Inconsistency in any area of your life where you are trying to improve will guarantee inconsistent results.  Inconsistency means that you have not created the foundation for consistent results.

In all the areas of life where I’ve seen people succeed, they have a habit of consistency that underscores multiple areas of their lives. The most successful people don’t pick and choose and area to exercise consistency. They make it a habit that transcends all areas of their life. It transcends eating, exercise, financial habits, people relationships, parenting skills, and it certainly business efforts. If you’re going to have results that are consistent with successful people, you have to create habits that are consistent with successful people. One of those habits is consistency.

There are actually businesses that base their business model on the inconsistency of most human beings. Take a look at any successful health club. There is no way that they could accommodate every member who they sell a membership to if they all exercised consistency in the workout routine. The health club knows that is not human nature. Consistency takes self-discipline and most people will not exercise self-discipline for extended periods of time.

Now the good news here lies within a life lesson that we will repeat many times in this and subsequent volumes of this book. If you want better than average results in your life than you must separate yourself from the average performers in life when it comes to the habit set that they bring to life.

I love the concept of average because it leaves so much room for excellence!


If you want better results than the average person, develop a habit set that is better than the average person.  The average person leads a life of consistent inconsistency.  You simply need to develop a habit of consistent consistency.

Consistency has many positive side effects. It allows you to reach goals. It also helps you feel great about yourself because it takes self-discipline to be consistent. The more self-discipline that you apply in your life, the more you’re going to create a positive self-image. The more you create a positive self image, the better attitude you’re always going to have. It just builds on itself.

Consistency in the area of attitude is a foundational element to great relationships, to business or personal pursuits and to the degree of happiness that you experience in your life. It is impossible to get traction in any of these areas with an inconsistent attitude. My guess is that many of you have been on the receiving end of a person with an inconsistent attitude. Not much fun and not much progress made in that relationship would be my bet. You will be pleasantly amazed at the result transformation that will happen in any area of your life when you underscore effort with the habit of consistency.

Protect your Attitude by Throwing Your Personal Default Switch to Great Attitude Mode


I’ll bet you’ve experienced the following scenario. You wake up in the morning and you feel great, your attitude’s phenomenal. Then the drive to work starts. People are beeping and cutting you off. Traffic is slow. Things aren’t working right. You get on your mobile phone and try to call somebody, but you get cut off during the middle of the call. You try to reach them again… this time they’re busy and they can’t get back with you. Then by the time you get to work, your parking space is taken by somebody else. The copying machine is jammed obviously unaware that you must make photocopies for each participant in the upcoming meeting. You knock yourself out to get to the meeting on time and miraculously make it only to find everyone else is late.

Suddenly your attitude, which started great, isn’t so good anymore. In fact it’s starting to slide down really quickly because there are so many things going wrong. The entire day is marked by roadblocks to the expectations you had in mind for this phenomenal day. For many of you, that is almost a daily scenario.

Let me share with you a life lesson and strategy that will make an enormous difference in your life.


The difference between average people and people who accomplish extraordinary things, in many cases boils down to how those who accomplish the extraordinary maintain and protect a phenomenal outlook during times when the average person starts to lose a grip on their attitude. That is not something that’s easy to do. It’s something you have to work at, something you have to practice literally on a daily basis.

Any time your attitude starts to slip and things are going wrong, you have to be able to reach down inside of you and hit a default switch that puts you in protection mode that says:

“Alright, I am now in a danger zone. A red light is flashing. Sirens are going off. I am now in that zone that is going to make the difference between greatness and average and I’ve got to reach down inside of me and flip the switch over to default that says… I’m in protection mode. I am going to at least maintain the same fantastic attitude that I started with before these circumstances crossed my path. The reason I’m going to do this is that it is my attitude. Nobody else owns my attitude. No other circumstances own my attitude. I own my attitude. There’s no one that can take it, steal it or influence it. It is mine and I refuse to give control of my attitude over to anyone or any circumstances.”

Now here is where being able to recognize where your attitude is and doing something about it can separate you from the crowd literally everyday of your life. Discipline yourself to do the following. When things are going down hill fast, actually ratchet your attitude up and make your attitude even better.

Keep in mind that anybody can have a great attitude when things are going great. Anybody can have a bad attitude when things are going bad. But it takes the true winner to have a really fantastic attitude when things aren’t going great.


One of the things I’ve trained myself to do over time is that when things are going bad, I push that default button down inside of me that puts me in protection mode. My personal default switch sends the following message,

“These circumstances are not only not going to steal my attitude, I am about to ratchet my attitude up several notches because this is a moment to create even greater separation between me and the rest of the world who have a default switch that allows circumstances and other people to dictate the quality of their attitude.”

I cannot tell you how many times defaulting to a better attitude in tough times has created better times. It’s amazing how attitude precedes results. If you ever get to the point where you can develop that default switch within you, it will not only put you in a maintenance and protection mode but an enhancement mode when things don’t go great.  Once this mental muscle gets strong you are on your way to whatever win you have in mind for your life.

Consistent Behavior-John Terhune


John Terhune

John Terhune

By education John is an attorney. He attended University of South Florida for undergraduate school and then attended Florida State University College of Law earning his Juris Doctor degree. During his time at FSU College of Law, John won a spot on the elite Moot Court team and competed nationally against other top law schools in appellate and trial competitions. In his final year in law school John won a National Competition and was named the Top Student Trial Advocate by the American Trial Lawyers Association.

Upon graduation John immediately went to work as an Assistant State Attorney eventually heading up the felony division in a northern Florida jurisdiction. His record of winning 97% of over 200 jury trials while handling over 10,000 criminal cases generated a top rating as a trial lawyer. During this period John served as an adjunct instructor at multiple colleges and universities.

In 1989 John shifted his focus from law to business.Since that time John has coached or consulted with thousands of entrepreneurs and corporate executives in multiple industries in 18 different countries. As a keynote speaker John has appeared in front of more than 1 million aspiring business entrepreneurs. He has shared the stage with Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford; with General Norman Schwarzkopf and Colonel Oliver North; with football legends Coach Tom Landry, Coach Don Shula, Rudy Ruddager, Bob Griese, Bart Starr, Rocky Blier, and Joe Theisman; and with inspirational and motivational figures such as Dr. Norman Vincent Peal, John Maxwell, Denis Waitley and Zig Ziglar.

He has authored multiple books on success principles in business as well as his favorite subject of attitude development. His newest book "Enhanced People Skills" will be released in March of 2015.John's passion for the subject of attitude, led him to develop “Attitude Pumps” which are short five minute audio and video vignettes about the development and maintenance of a winning attitude. These profound messages about the significance of one's attitude have profoundly affected hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide and are set to be launched as an App in both the Android and Iphone stores in March of 2015.
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