Effective Servant Leadership by Rick Hannon

Effective Servant Leadership

I particularly like this topic as I believe this is the foundation of true leadership. In a self-centered world, servant leadership is very refreshing.  It’s the way of life for the entrepreneur if he or she wants a team that is not just good, but, great, on that makes a true impact on peoples lives. I see servant leadership as the art of helping and serving others with pure intentions and motives. I suggest you put aside self-serving behaviors in favor of serving others for lasting success in building a lasting organization that can be passed to the next generation and beyond.

Servant leaders sees potential in everyone, they remind themselves they are blessed because Providence has played an integral part of their success.

Success, power, and influence should not be used as leverage to diminish a person or used to lord over a new recruit to gain control of their lives. Instead, compassion is shown by that leader as he feels and understands the pain someone else goes through and helps to see their need. Understand that people actually forget what you say, but they won’t forget how you make them feel.

Many see the individual at the top of the proverbial pyramid as the boss, the commander over them and extremely hard to reach or become aquatinted with. They don’t ever expect them to get in the trenches to show the way to build a lasting network business along side through servant leadership. The servant leader at the top turns the pyramid upside down as they put others needs before their own in helping others develop and perform result producing actives.  You have God given gifts and talents that can be used in helping and assisting others in whatever enterprise you have available for them. The servant leader does not see his or herself as greater or better than any one else.  They see themselves as a child of God, placed on this earth to grow to their true potential by serving others. They step out of the spotlight handing it to others lifting them up as it also encourages them to greatness through servanthood. The servant leader remains humble in their climb towards success, which will only come completely to the one who chooses to serve.

Jesus said to be great in the Kingdom of God you must be the servant of all, the last shall be first in God’s kingdom. Don’t you think we should all apply this wisdom and knowledge? We will only climb as high as we lift others.



Effective ServantLeadership-Rick Hannon

Rick Hannon

Rick Hannon

I grew up on Long Island NY; I met my wife Cindy in High School, we dated for several years and I went off to college for two years studying Construction Technology while we maintained our relationship.
I began working in NYC with a Construction Union. It was during those six months I realized I could not be an employee and needed to be self-employed if I was going to be happy in life.
I found a job locally working one season for a Landscape Contractor and learned the trade along with attending Night College in horticulture and Landscape design at the Farmingdale College. Knowing I enjoyed this field I started my own business at the age of 21. One year later I brought our first home and married my High School sweetheart Cindy the following year.
I enjoyed self-employment but discovered the business owned me.Then, during one of my unemployed winters, a friend introduced me to MLM. I fell in love with the concept of duplicating and multiplying my efforts through other people. That company was not a fit for us, but it did open my mind for other options when I saw an ad in the Wall stream Journal that lead me to be sponsored and trained by a young couple who were earning a six figure income in another more duplicable Network program.
I quickly learned how to develop a team who could help us build a second income stream part time.Cindy and I were fortunate to have been able to achieve enough success to be placed on the speaking circuit at a very young age. During the next two years we grew and learned the basic fundamentals of building a network.Unfortunately that company when out of business due to poor management.
Over the years I have made other attempts to finding the right program for us as I knew and believed in this concept and the industry. I knew I could succeed, and I knew people who felt as I did; in 1992 we finally found it. We are now celebrating our 25th year with the company, and we now have a global network in many countries with more than several hundred thousand people in our organizations and over 200 people in the Million Dollar Club and hundreds earning six figures with thousands full time.
We have traveled across the USA training other entrepreneurs how to build a solid income part time. We have been and continue to train globally in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Taiwan. We also have businesses in Spain, Hong Kong, and soon Malaysia; we will plan on trips to those countries.This is a designer lifestyle, I have helped many others reach their goals through it, and will continue to do so. We have truly been blessed and thank God for our success.
Rick Hannon

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