Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

Letting your ‘net’ catch you! A new thought just may provide you with a stronger network  There’s a lot of talk these days about women being natural networkers. Women do tend to be natural listeners and great connectors. We certainly…

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Has this ever happened to you? And beware... it may be something you're doing when
Thank People Personally. Never miss opportunities to strengthen relationships  Think back to when you were
"The ABIDE Factor in Network Marketing Success" Do you know what ABIDE stands for? A
With over 85% of all network marketers being female, this is more than just a
Is it possible that commitment collapses potential on the side of success? I've been thinking a
Mary K Weinhagen

Mary K Weinhagen

The best thing about network marketing for me is that it asks... even encourages... me to seek out people who are willing to explore and share their dreams and vision. It gives me reason to invite people to share— from their heart— early in our relationship.

I love this because sharing dreams and clarifying vision puts us together in an energy that feels so good— so alive. It opens us up to take inspired action, which consistently results in greater and greater levels of success. What a joy sharing this kind of ride with others!
— Mary K.

"What I admire most about Mary K. is that she literally and figuratively incarnates one of my most treasured quotes: Dag Hammerskjöld's "To all that has been— Thanks. To all that will be— Yes!" She speaks about the joy of sharing this 'ride' with others. Mary K. IS the joy— to know and to work with."

In addition to editing the articles for TheNetworkMarketingMagazine , one of the projects Mary K is involved in is contributing to raising vibrations through her blog, Downstream Parenting, meeting your child in the vortex. You can learn more about Mary K at mkweinhagen
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Mary K Weinhagen
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