Financial Freedom by Jeanette S. Lopez

“Financially Free, to me, embraces the dream of waking up every morning without any concern over money.”

The term, “Financial Freedom”, is used in the Network Marketing industry countless times.  As a matter of fact, I can remember the first time I had ever heard of the concept; it was at my very first hotel meeting as it paved the initial path of my journey in trying to achieve it!

So what does Financial Freedom mean to you? Independence?  Think about it, Independence from what?  Well for most, it would be the independence from  “bondage” or the feeling of “slavery” to a “JOB” or to bills, etc.

What does the term FREEDOM really mean?

For the purpose of this assignment, I decided to Google it and the very first explanation that came across my screen was:

”Freedom” – the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint…freedom of choice” 

Hmm…how does that ring to you?

How about Financial Freedom?

Financial independence” – is the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. “

So would you agree?

“Financial Freedom” encompasses the ability to achieve the right to behave in a manner that most will only dream about?

I am about to share my very transparent definition of Financial Freedom as someone who has YET to achieve “it”, BUT FEELS the FREEDOM of “it” in my SPIRIT every day!

  • “Financially Free” to me, embraces the dream of waking up every morning without any concern over money. It happens only if you remain in full control over the discipline of working your business every day; and remaining Faithful to the Lord above.

TRUST that He will ALWAYS send someone in order to create that Financial Freedom in HIS time and within His will.  Amen? 

  • “Financially Free” is the state of feeling sufficiently abundant in a “sense of security”.  Becoming a single mom this year has forced me to keep my positive energy at “Heaven Levels High” ~ no matter what comes my way to knock me off my mood of high spirits!   I do this with continuous, small breaks of Meditations, devotional time reading the bible or simply talking with a Friend in order to share a word of Inspiration!  These daily practices are what keeps my positive vibration of energy to maintain that Attitude of Gratitude!

Count your blessings for the food and roof over your head…

When you do, you remain On TOP of Your Game guaranteed every single time!

  • At the beginning of my career in Network Marketing, I was told that, “‘Financial Freedom’ is achieving the power of creating income every day faster than I can spend it.”   Well, my goal is certainly to be in this tax bracket!  But until I get there,

I will meditate on how it FEELS to be in this state of affluence.  It is truly my mojo to keep my momentum going! 

  • And Lastly, Financial Freedom is the ability to give freely to any stranger that approaches me or to just hand over hundreds to a friend in need without ever wanting it back.  Now here is a little secret… EVEN if you do not have hundreds to give yet…  Just give what you have to anyone that comes your way…

This puts out to the Universe, that we have the faith in Him in that we will NEVER be without.

What I have discovered through various means of personal development and in my spiritual maturity is that when we accept the fact that our thoughts determine our sense of “Freedom” from any form of bondage, the goal of achieving the Financial Freedom just starts to manifest on it’s own!

 In recap:

  • An Attitude of Gratitude from the moment we wake up allows our hearts, ears and eyes to remain open to endless possibilities in our professional worlds.

  • Our attitude attracts what we are focused on.  When we are focused on results of achieving Financial Freedom, then the opportunistic connections that will bring more flows of money into our world will just naturally happen.

  • If you wallow in negative thoughts of scarcity and dissatisfaction in your current financial status, it is a universal belief that you will receive more of what you stay focused on.

So what is the underlying message here?  It is NOT to “fake it till you make it”.  It is NOT to just give up on your dreams because your Network Marketing Business is not making you a Millionaire as you thought you would be in a year…

The secret to Feeling Financially Free, even if you are not there yet, is ATTITUDE!

To repeat, I am certainly not saying to pretend to the world that you are Financially Free, if you are not… That would not be authentic and people will be able to see right through you.  However, practice imagining what it will FEEL like to be Financially Free.  Practice feeling happy and imagine the feeling of giving easily without the sense of scarcity.  Even if you do not know where your next check will come from, practice the art of feeling gratitude even before the money is received.

 BELIEVE that you will ACHIEVE it,


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J.S.Lopez – Financial Freedom


Jeanette S. Lopez

Jeanette S. Lopez

Becoming an entrepreneur in her late 30's was more of a necessity than an innate

knowledge of her gifts or calling. Re-fining her goals from an Interior Designer/Artist

to an Entrepreneur was the beginning of a soul-searching journey after becoming

homeless in Seattle with two children under 6 years old. Driving cross-country in an

old 1970’s Titan Motorhome, they settled in Sodus Point, NY in 2002.

 Her formal Interior Designs/art education became her saving grace as she

discovered the world of Website Development in 2002.

DBA “SagacityDesigns”.

 In 2005, she opened yet another DBA, SaGÁcidad NY as an independent

certified ESL tutor and Personal Development Life Coach for Hispanic


 In 2008, Jeanette defined herself as a “Financial Role Model for God”.

 In 2010, Jeanette realized that the Network Marketing business model was

the synergy that was supposed to happen for her DBA, SynergyPays.

 Jeanette did struggle and had become the perfect example of what

happens when faulty duplication occurs. With no real sponsor to train her

from the beginning, she quickly realized that she was considered an


 Discovering the POWER of Personal Development, she started identifying

herself as a Personal Development Junkie with a habit of free webinars.

 She started to utilize what she was learning and decided to share her

struggles and triumphs on a blog, JeanetteOntTheNet! She continues to

grow her business, SynergyPays with the synergy of promoting the

various services that she and her partners provide.

 Her brand, JeanettteOnTheNet! Is a Blogging/Vlogging style that is as

unique as her personal story.

 She is affiliated to The Professional Writers’ Alliance and as an aspiring

Travel Writer.

 Met Mr. George Madiou in a fateful encounter on the Eve of 2017. And has

been asked to be a contributor to

 Is also now an executive leader within the 27%er Success Membership,

and is introducing a Hispanic branch of the 27%ers program and heading

a Women’s 27% empowerment group as well.
Jeanette S. Lopez


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