Focus on Being Focused by Gary Eby

Life has so many variables that every day of our lives we must choose to focus in on that day’s events. We cannot just point and shoot.  I read an interesting article once. An ophthalmologist had said that there were…

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Laughter is the best marketing so find your sense of humor. It pays.  It overcomes
This is not a mission for the faint of heart, the confused or easily distracted.
Talking the talk and walking the talk have distinct differences. So the next time you
What you are committed to is what rules your life. That's why commitment is so
Get into the habit of asking, "Is this activity going to move me closer to
Gary Eby

Gary Eby

Gary Eby, a member of the Jim Rohn Speaker Bureau, is gifted to teach deep truths in a clear and easily understandable style. His messages are power-packed and often filled with laughter and practical illustrations. He has shared the stage with great speakers such as Jim Rohn and Les Brown.
Gary Eby
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