Gratefulness The Secret Sauce To An Abundance Mindset by Roberto Torres

Gratefulness The Secret Sauce To An Abundance Mindset


Be Grateful

Abundance is defined as a very large quantity of something. The definition of Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. For the purpose of this article we can say the Abundance Mindset is defined as someone who has an attitude of having a large quantity of something. The question that must be asked here, is that attitude focused on the positive or the negative?  That would all depend on what we choose to focus on.

In my opinion that starts with being grateful for what good and positive things / people we have in our lives.

Once we become conscious of gratefulness then we can start to develop an “Abundance Mindset.”  The word grateful is defined as appreciative of benefits received.  So, this is where our focus should start to help us see how much abundance we actually have.

Here are some things I am grateful for:

-Waking up in the morning.

-Every breath I take.

-Being able to brush my teeth.

-My wife.

-My children.

-My pets.

-The cars I have.

-My home.

-My family.

-My friends.

-Food in my home.

-Good health.

I can go on and on but, I think you get the idea here.

Once we start to be conscious of the things we have and can do, it kicks in gratefulness, which in my opinion will develop the Abundance Mindset.

I would encourage you for the next 10 days to journal everything that you are grateful for.  As things come to mind just write them down in your journal.  If it seems silly to jot something down like, brushing your teeth, ask yourself why.  Some people can’t brush their teeth or don’t have teeth to brush.

Perhaps at that point we may want to look at the fact that we may be operating out of ingratitude.  Don’t worry, it’s not an insult or a put down, it is a mindset that can be developed in many of us without being aware of it.  The definition of ingratitude is forgetfulness or poor return for kindness received.

Just recently, I had not been aware of something so simple in my life and yet I knew that I was blessed by it, but did not realize that actually I was not in gratitude about it.  I am kind of embarrassed to share this with you but, I believe it will get my point across.

That thing?  My laundry!  Imagine that?  If I need fresh shirts, they are just sitting in my closet, fresh socks, in my sock drawer.  My lovely wife, Cleta, does this for me.  Could I do my own laundry? Of Course, but my wife chooses to do it for me because she is such a wonderful wife and I want to be grateful for it.  So, now I constantly say “Thank you, honey for clean socks,” etc. “I appreciate you doing my laundry for me.”

Keep in mind now that as of the writing of this article we have been married 37 years.  I just was not that conscious of what a blessing this is that she does my laundry for me. I believe you get my point here.  Let’s get into gratitude of the things that most people may consider minor and we will realize how much abundance we actually have.

You may be asking “Okay, but how do we apply this to my Network Marketing business and develop an Abundance Mindset?”  Good question and here we go!


Just like I appreciate the things my wife and my family do for me, and I am grateful for the things I can do each and every day. We should apply that to our business.

Look at your company’s product or product line and consider what they can do for people.  Look at the opportunity you are offering people to change their financial picture.  This has nothing to do with how successful you may be thinking your business is or is not at this point.  It does not matter.  What matters is the position you are in to offer others an option that just may be better for them.

Appreciate your company’s compensation plan and what it can do for you, your family and those you share it with.

Everyday that you share your products or business opportunity with someone be grateful that you were able to connect with someone, that someone was open to hearing what you had to say.  Be grateful that you have the opportunity to work with them and them with you.  Do this and you will see how successful your business really is, with that in mind, your organization and check will grow.

Bless Others

Bless others with samples of your product(s). Bless them with your time, and your skills to do 3-way calls for them or directing them to where they can get answers to move their business forward.  Offer them your support in appreciation that they have chosen to work with you and put their dreams in your hands.  You blessing others with your time, skill and energy will create not only an abundance mindset for you, but it will also become the culture of your team, maybe even your company.

Let Others Bless You

This is a great way to get into the abundance mindset.  Let your company owner bless you with contests and incentives to drive you to build your business.  This is an additional way for you to increase your income, volume and your team.

Let your company recognize you for all the things you do in growing your business and supporting your team.  Receive those accolades with deep appreciation because many others are not getting that kind of recognition at their jobs many times and yet you are in a special position to not only experience that for yourself, but also help others have the experience as well.

Focus On What You Have

This one is huge.  Focus on what you have, not on what you do not have.  For example; you only have 10 minutes to call someone, appreciate the fact that at least you have 10 minutes to make a few calls rather than none.  Only made one new contact today?  Great, that is better than none.  You don’t like your company’s video?  You could have no video at all, appreciate the one video you have because it will get the message across and it will bless you and others.  When your income increases, pay to have your own video made, the way you want.  You can even bless others in your company by giving them access to your video.

Only have one product and you wish your company had more? Appreciate that you have a great product and it is helping people in the market place. Appreciate that you and your team only have one product to focus on.  It’s better than not having the privilege to market a great product at all.  Don’t like that your company has so many products?  Appreciate the fact that your company has a lot of different products to bring into the market place. Be grateful that you and your team have several different products to choose from and bring to the market place instead of one.

Get my point?  One product or several products, it does not matter.  You win if you focus on how blessed you are to have the ability and the privilege to participate in having a positive effect in the market place.

Your Words

The words we speak out are no doubt seeds that will produce a harvest, whether good or bad.  I would choose to have a good harvest.  I would like to encourage you to not speak out the things that you may not have in your life or in your business, but rather speak out that you will have them along with what you already do have.

For example, you can look at your Network Marketing business and say “I don’t have anyone to talk to, how am I going to grow my business?”  This is where gratefulness can help you have the Abundance Mindset.  Remember, all the things that you are grateful about in your specific business and all the great things you have to share with others about your particular opportunity.

This will now give you the desire to go out and find people to share this with.  Sharing a smile can lead to a great conversation, to building a relationship, to having a new business partner on your team.  See all the  abundance that I  just showed you?  I believe you are powerful and I am encouraging you to use that power to develop that Abundance Mindset.

Who Is In Your Circle?

Your circle is where you will apply all the things I have shared with you in this article.  As you continue to apply these concepts, your circle will grow (Abundance) and you will be able to share more and more with others. This, in turn, will make them more grateful and abundant as well.

My friends, developing the Abundance Mindset is a choice and the choice is completely yours.  I would encourage you to start at this very moment, as you are already very abundant in all you have to get started.  Be abundant!


Roberto Torres currently mentors entrepreneurs, sharing his keys to winning in network marketing based on his experience in the network marketing profession since becoming involved in 2000. To learn more, connect with Roberto on his Facebook page at

 Gratefulness The Secret Sauce To An Abundance Mindset by Roberto Torres


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Roberto Torres

Roberto Torres

Roberto currently mentors entrepreneurs sharing his keys to winning in network marketing based on his experience in the network marketing profession since becoming involved in 2000.To learn more, visit his website
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