Growth Through Mentoring by Cindy Hannon

There are things necessary for a successful life, for success in different areas of life. Mentoring is one of them; it is beneficial for successes, in business, spiritually, for optimal health and nutrition, or even to just be a better person. There are things that are inbred, that are natural to us, things that are not learned, that are part of our personality type or that we are gifted in. However, some of us probably can look back on our lives and reflect on people that were in in our past, even if just for a season, who have played important roles in who we have become today.

I just did that this morning, I was preparing for a ladies bible study that I am teaching. We are studying the book of Philippians, after reading about Paul’s preparing to send Timothy, whom he had mentored, to the church at Philippi, I was reminded of instances generations earlier of biblical people who had been mentored. Moses mentored Joshua, Elijah mentored Elisha, and Ruth was mentored by Naomi just to give a few examples from the scriptures. It dates back long before books, magazines, newspapers and Google! Then I thought back in my life, I considered who had been influential for me becoming who I am, who had helped me to develop talents I never would have even dreamed I had without their guidance.

We are getting ready for a road trip, because on April 29 our son will be getting his Masters Degree in Counseling. It has been a long road for him, a lot of study and papers to write, a lot of real time experience tot be had, through all of it, of course, we trust he had a number of good mentors through his professors at school and peers where he served in his internship. Those mentoring him have had years of experience; they would be considered experts in their field. He is just beginning in his profession; I’m sure there will still be times for him to be mentored. Eventually, he should be at a stage when he will do the mentoring, I know he would love to teach, he is about to begin preparing himself for that. He began as the student, teachable, coachable and being mentored. Experiences he has not even had yet will be preparing him to be the teacher, the mentor.

That’s what life experiences do for us, they allow us to use them for the benefit of others, to help those not yet at our level.

There are times in life to be the mentor, and times to be mentored.

At which stage are you at now?

If you are at the place where you need to be mentored, ask yourself these questions:

  • What area of your life would having someone mentor you prove beneficial?

  • Who can you draw from to help you in that area?

  • If you know no one personally, is there someone who might be able to direct you to a mentor?

There are life coaches that can be hired to mentor if there is no one in your circle of influence, but I believe that anyone reading this probably has someone who can help guide and direct them, mentor or coach them.

If you are knowledgeable in areas, could you mentor someone, or several people in those areas?

  • Is there a place for you to seek out who may be helped by your mentoring them?

  • Are there people who may know of others who could use your expertise?

Most likely, reading this in The Network Marketing Magazine, you have a source for people in need of or who are capable of mentoring; that is where you will gain, either through helping or being helped. It is rewarding to be on either side. I know I have been so rewarded through mentoring young women. I have developed bonds that are unparalleled, deep-rooted friendships that would not have come from any other method.

Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are people out there who are just aching for a friend, for a mentor, for someone like you to show him or her that you care. Be that someone, be that person who will take someone and help them to stretch themselves to do their very best, even better than they may imagine they are capable of. Every experience you have walked through can be a benefit to someone else, to mold and shape him or her, to be used for him or her to become better tomorrow than they are today. Use your gifts to help others grow!

 Growth Through Mentoring by Cindy Hannon

Cindy Hannon

Cindy Hannon

Cindy, married to her high school sweetheart, has been at his side in Network Marketing since the late 70’s.They actually caught a glimpse and the fever when they were still in high school, but actually did not take action until a decade later.(That first glimpse was actually through an unethical company that required large investment and did not last, so for them it was only the vision they saw, but that fever had been caught.)

They built a successful business almost from the start.They quickly rose to a level where they were sought after for teaching and training.The company they were with took a bad turn at the corporate level; that had them in search for a company with a good business model and corporate team behind it.
Cindy eventually moved on into motherhood and home schooling their son.Her experience in the marketing industry, organizing and educating their son through high school and her experience working within their church has provided decades of experience in leadership as well working with people with many different personality types.

Nearly twenty-five years ago, Rick signed on for the network marketing business of their lifetime. This decision allowed them together, to build a designer lifestyle.They were able to take family time together while their son was growing up and now have a global business with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs.They spent two years living in Australia while they were actively building helping teams of people there. It is an annual trip they continue to enjoy.

Spending time with people and inspiring is her joy.
Cindy Hannon


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