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I have shared in earlier articles this year, that if you do not come from a background that has team ethic influence, you are certainly going to have a tough go at being coachable as an adult.

Although coaching and mentoring may fall into similar categories, mentoring is slightly different.  Mentoring might be a concept that some of us might not fully grasp yet.

The Definition of Mentoring:  most often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentored) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth.

In essence, to understand the power of a coach, you must first accept the importance and influence of a Mentor.”  

Considering that mentors usually fit the description of someone who teaches or gives advice to a less experienced and often younger person, the chances that we would even realize that we are in the presence of a mentor as young adults are slim.

For many, the generational gap comes into play and if the timing is not quite right, the Mentor goes unnoticed or worse, unappreciated until it is too late to receive a “Thank you.”

As Adults, we can now look back and identify those special mentors with wistful memories.

In my personal experience, my early mentors were my Grandmothers. They were both influential in developing my ability to speak in two languages.  

  1. One grandma only spoke Spanish; she was with me since birth and had been my daily babysitter 24/7.  
  2. My other grandmother became my bilingual “Pen Pal” upon relocating to Puerto Rico.  Although she spoke fluent English, she handed me a treasured gift as she prepared me for her departure. It was a Spanish/English dictionary.  She would only write Spanish letters to me and encouraged me to do the same.
  3. My Father was another mentor that I wish I had said “thank you” to more. He was influential for never allowing myself to turn in sloppy work at school. I will always remember the afternoon that he took the time to demonstrate the importance of lining up the numbers correctly and neatly in a math problem. He taught me how to complete my book reports in cursive and I have my Dad to thank for mentoring me on how to present myself like a “lady” at all times.

“As a mother, I can now appreciate how frustrating it must have been for my father when the golden moments of mentoring and wisdom were no longer appreciated.”  

If you were fortunate enough to have teachers or counselors that took notice of you during school, I am sure you will always remember those milestones that might have changed your life with just one afternoon or one thing that was instilled in a conversation after school or during class.

Unfortunately, when we become adults, the mentors seem to go away and everyone is on their own.  It can be a lonely experience if you are not within a team environment where growth is acknowledged and everyone is mentored along the way.  

As entrepreneurs, it can be even lonelier if you are a visionary or groundbreaker with ideas that no one has considered yet.

As a matter of fact, if you fit the “visionary” description, then you are in most need of a mentor. There are many mentors to choose from, however, finding the best match for your vision and personality is very important.

So what do you do?

How do you find the perfect mentor that would be able to fit your needs in your chosen field of interest?

This is the process that becomes very individualized.

It really all depends on who you are.  As easy as that may sound, that is the HARDEST step to consider!  

Most of us really have a tough time defining who we are!

Our identities get lost in many areas of life as we mature into adulthood.  Some of us identify ourselves with the Past High School “Me”…

The Married Me. OR The Divorced Me. Some might only know themselves as Mom…or Dad. You may even have a Ph.D. and have been in an established profession for years!

Entrepreneurism is different, very different.  You must be aware that starting a business or developing a presence for yourself online can still be a very awkward experience if you have never had to perform for yourself and by yourself.  So naturally when we step into the world as entrepreneurs, we need to decide who we are going to become as business owners or professionals.

Are we Servant Entrepreneurs?  Are we competitive Money Moguls? Are we considered Introverts or Extroverts?  Can we be considered ALL OF THE ABOVE…?  As you can see, it can be challenging when considering a mentor.  You must first understand why you need one. And then you must decide how to go about finding one.

Just understand that life becomes easier when you select one.

  • The importance of a Mentor is allowing someone to look at your work and intentions with an unbiased opinion.
  • A mentor should have already accomplished what you are trying to accomplish in order to recognize the pending pitfalls that you might be walking towards.
  • A mentor should not be your best friend (although they certainly can become one).
  • A Mentor is someone that you can depend on for accountability sake.
  • So the bottom line is that everyone should consider a mentor and the selection process can be fun with the right perspective and attitude.

I have good news for you!  

The Network Marketing Magazine just happens to be FULL of Mentors all who love to write or share their experiences every month!  

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I have met some pretty dynamic mentors within the 27% Success Membership that have given me the inspiration to share this month’s theme via video as well! How’s that for mentoring!

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You need a mentor if:

  1. You always remain open to suggestions.
  2. Are seeking professional guidance.
  3. You realize that we should NEVER stop developing new skills.

So if you understand the power of connecting to a mentor, then my call to action to you is to find my link at the bottom of this article and sign up for the 27%’er Success Membership.

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 Why We Need Mentors by Jeanette S. Lopez

Jeanette S. Lopez

Jeanette S. Lopez

Becoming an entrepreneur in her late 30's was more of a necessity than an innate

knowledge of her gifts or calling. Re-fining her goals from an Interior Designer/Artist

to an Entrepreneur was the beginning of a soul-searching journey after becoming

homeless in Seattle with two children under 6 years old. Driving cross-country in an

old 1970’s Titan Motorhome, they settled in Sodus Point, NY in 2002.

 Her formal Interior Designs/art education became her saving grace as she

discovered the world of Website Development in 2002.

DBA “SagacityDesigns”.

 In 2005, she opened yet another DBA, SaGÁcidad NY as an independent

certified ESL tutor and Personal Development Life Coach for Hispanic


 In 2008, Jeanette defined herself as a “Financial Role Model for God”.

 In 2010, Jeanette realized that the Network Marketing business model was

the synergy that was supposed to happen for her DBA, SynergyPays.

 Jeanette did struggle and had become the perfect example of what

happens when faulty duplication occurs. With no real sponsor to train her

from the beginning, she quickly realized that she was considered an


 Discovering the POWER of Personal Development, she started identifying

herself as a Personal Development Junkie with a habit of free webinars.

 She started to utilize what she was learning and decided to share her

struggles and triumphs on a blog, JeanetteOntTheNet! She continues to

grow her business, SynergyPays with the synergy of promoting the

various services that she and her partners provide.

 Her brand, JeanettteOnTheNet! Is a Blogging/Vlogging style that is as

unique as her personal story.

 She is affiliated to The Professional Writers’ Alliance and as an aspiring

Travel Writer.

 Met Mr. George Madiou in a fateful encounter on the Eve of 2017. And has

been asked to be a contributor to theNetworkMarketingMagazine.com

 Is also now an executive leader within the 27%er Success Membership,

and is introducing a Hispanic branch of the 27%ers program and heading

a Women’s 27% empowerment group as well.
Jeanette S. Lopez


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There are things necessary for a successful life, for success in different areas of life.
In my humble opinion, mentorship is a must for everyone regardless to the amount of
When I think about a mentor, I think about a helper, a counselor, a person
“In a battery, I strive to maximize electrical potential. When mentoring, I strive to maximize
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