I will always remember Gary Young. By Paul Morris.

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This month’s theme is It’s About You! It’s Not About Me! Gary Young’s focus was always about others. We are dedicating the June 2018 issue of The Network Marketing Magazine to D. Gary Young.

Our industry has lost a giant in our business. Out of over 100 million people world wide who are involved in network marketing, Gary Young stood out as a loved leader, not only in his company but also in the industry. I only meet Gary once and it made a lasting impression on me. We had an all day meeting at his headquarters around his conference table, surrounded by his corporate executives and the room was ELECTRIC with his energy! I knew at our first meeting I was with a real influencer in our industry. My partner and I were invited to have diner with Gary and Mary and as you would guess we felt like family, just like they made everyone feel.

I’m blessed, in the position that I’m in, as the founder and publisher of The Network Marketing Magazine, to be able to honor Gary Young. I asked a great friend of mine, a 50 year leader in our industry, a contributor to our magazine and a close friend of Gary’s, Paul Morris to share some thoughts of his friend. My heart is heavy for Mary, her family and the entire Young Living family, world wide. God bless you Gary Young and thank you for elevating our entire industry.







I will always remember Gary Young. By Paul Morris.

Here is my personal story about my relationship with Gary ..

Our Industry has lost one of its great pioneers and leaders. The world has lost a great humanitarian who in retrospect should have earned a noble prize for his outstanding discoveries in essential oils and essential oil distilling technology. And for me and so many others, we have lost a mentor and a great friend.

My first experience with Gary Young was over 20 years ago while waiting in line to speak with him. I could not help but notice how he focused all of his attention on the person with whom he was speaking and was not distracted by anything going on around him. He would shake their hand and then hold their hand in his hands while they were talking to him. He Would continue to give each individual his undivided attention while he patiently and thoroughly answered their questions. Gary would stay until every person had the opportunity to meet him.

Gary and Mary would often come early to events and welcome people as they arrived and Gary (and Mary as well) always made each person feel like they were the most important person in the room. I treasure all of the personal one on one time that I had with Gary during the last two decades.

To show you the type of person he is I would like to relate a personal story that took place on the 2,300-acre farm in Ecuador. There was a large event going on at the farm and people had flown in from the four corners of the earth. There had been all sorts of activities going on all day including harvesting, distilling, lectures, participating in an archaeological dig in a far corner of the property, and touring the farm on their fleet of four-wheeler ATV’s.

It was the end of the day and I was walking up toward the main gathering area and ran into Gary. He asked if I was having a good time experiencing the farm and when I replied yes, but I had returned from the ATV tour too late to catch the bus to the archaeological dig, he replied, “well you must experience that, hang on a minute.”

Mary and the boys were nearby and in earshot, so Gary said, “Mary, grab the kids let’s take Paul out to the archaeological site.” Next thing I knew we all piled into their SUV and were on out way to the dig. We all took little trowels and were crawling around on our hands and knees digging up pieces of pottery. Certainly, a magical moment in my life spending quality time with my mentor and his family in such a special setting.

That is the type of person Gary was; he wanted everyone to see what he saw, to experience what he had discovered and to get the vision and develop the passion and love for the farms and the entire “Seed to Seal” process.

On a flight with Gary coming back from Ecuador to the States after a busy several days at an event at the Farm, I had assumed tht Gary would take the opportunity to take a nap and get rested up. However, as soon as the plane took off Gary pulled out a large yellow legal pad and began writing and drawing diagrams and filling up page after page of the entire trip, except for a couple of breaks to walk back a few rows to chat with Sandy and me.

If you have met this man and grasped his vision, your life will never be the same. You get to meet someone of the caliber of a Gary Young only a few times in your lifetime. (If you are that blessed)

If you have missed knowing this man personally it is worth ordering the book D. Gary Young – World Leader in Essential Oils. The story of his life will be an inspiration to all who read it. Or just google or look up on YouTube Gary Young Videos and indulge yourself in the treat of experiencing how the passion of one man has created an entire industry of essential oils.

Click here and read one of the finest articles written about this incredible man from Direct Selling News By Beth Douglass Silcox May 16, 2018

Click here for a short video that Life Sciences did. Gary Young – A Celebration Of Life

Paul Morris





Paul Morris

Paul Morris

Paul Morris is a top network marketer and trainer who has been building marketing organizations for the last 50 years. He is known as the mentor’s mentor. He is a former Amway Executive Diamond and has been #1 in the nation with several network marketing companies. Paul has used the principles taught in this lesson to build several organizations to in excess of fifty and one hundred thousand distributors. One organization was approaching one half million distributor/customers. Paul has held monthly volumes in his downline organization alone in excess of 15 million dollars per month. Many people ‘practice what they preach,’ but it is said of Paul, that Paul ‘preaches what he practices’ and has practiced his entire life. Paul can be reached at 954 818-0665 or via email at paulmorrisfl@yahoo.com or www.healthandwealthwithpaul.comPaul’s hobby is growing organic vegetables in his own back yard. He encourages people to “grow what they eat and eat what they grow.”On the social/spiritual side of life Paul has spent much of his free time in Scouting, Jail and Prison Ministry and other outreach ministries. He is happily married and the father of three children and has seven grandchildren. Whether it is a group of 14 in a living room or a crowd of 14,000 in an auditorium, Paul is sure to have them laughing, crying, and ultimately motivated and inspired to become all of that which they are capable of becoming. Paul’s philosophy is that success in this industry is not measured by the dollars you earned but rather by the lives you have touched and influenced in a positive way.
Paul Morris
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