Integrity … make an impression or make an impact! by Cindy Hannon

Integritymake an impression or make an impact!

For any of you reading this, in your life, integrity is important because we are a people business!  Our success is dependent on helping others achieve their success, wouldn’t you agree?

If we are not acting or building our businesses and relationships with integrity, we are most likely making an impression, which possibly, may not have a positive impact.

I am sure we all know at least one person, that immediately upon seeing them, we want to turn and run the other way to hide.  Yes, they have made an impression on us.  Maybe they talk too much, maybe they talk about the wrong things (like other people), maybe they like them selves so much that’s what fills their conversation, or maybe they complain too much and have a negative attitude about everything.  What ever it is, they have made an impression on you, and it is not in the positive light. This impression left, likely will not be one that has a positive impact for business or in your life.

You know you need to have people on your side and on your team for success in business and in life.  You know the best way to do that is for them to like you; not only for you to be likeable, but for you to make a positive impact on their life!  The best way to do that is to live your life with integrity and to always be looking for a path to better yourself.

This can be done, not only because your business practices are above board, you are honest and sincere, you are a team player, but because you are a person who lives life with integrity!

Integrity shows who you are, it is your moral character, your sincerity, your judgment calls and how you treat people.  Are you fair, are you just, are you gentle but firm when needed?  These are all important character traits in a person with integrity.

In our business, there can be no room for people who judge and gossip about others, who try to buck the system provided, who connive to cut corners or try to hurt others as they try to make more money.  It is proven to not work that way!

A person of integrity has high moral and ethical standards; they will not lie or cheat the system.  They are honorable, above reproach, and they are trustworthy.  These are all excellent character traits that are needed in every area of life, whether raising a family at home, off in the work force, working your business and building relationships in any area of life.

Your integrity will show how you value yourself and others around you. 

There are standards we can all strive to reach, and there are many ways to be certain we reach those standards.  The company we keep, the books we read, the movies we watch all have an impact on who we are and who we have become.  But they can also improve who we have become and help us improve. I would say, we never have become anything, we should always be stretching and striving to better our character, to improve our lives and improve our relationships.  God has made each one of us special, in his image.  As a matter of fact, David, in the Psalms, reminds us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  God designed us for good and with minds that have amazing abilities to grow, and he delights in us.  It is always good to do a self-evaluation, to look into our lives and hearts, to see what areas need improvement, and what can we do to improve them.

What areas in your life can you work on so that people see you as one who is making or has made an impact on their lives for the better?  If you dig deep into your heart, consider how you relate to people in your relationships; what can you personally add or subtract from your life to act with the greatest integrity to make an impact.  How do you treat people? How do you talk to them? Do you act after thought or do you quickly react? These are all questions you can ask yourself to find ways to improve your relationships, how you respond to people and to act with greater integrity.

Do you want to be the kind of person that just makes and impression or would you rather make an impact on peoples lives.  I challenge you to self evaluate and figure out how you can make an impact!

Cindy Hannon

Cindy Hannon

Cindy, married to her high school sweetheart, has been at his side in Network Marketing since the late 70’s.They actually caught a glimpse and the fever when they were still in high school, but actually did not take action until a decade later.(That first glimpse was actually through an unethical company that required large investment and did not last, so for them it was only the vision they saw, but that fever had been caught.)

They built a successful business almost from the start.They quickly rose to a level where they were sought after for teaching and training.The company they were with took a bad turn at the corporate level; that had them in search for a company with a good business model and corporate team behind it.
Cindy eventually moved on into motherhood and home schooling their son.Her experience in the marketing industry, organizing and educating their son through high school and her experience working within their church has provided decades of experience in leadership as well working with people with many different personality types.

Nearly twenty-five years ago, Rick signed on for the network marketing business of their lifetime. This decision allowed them together, to build a designer lifestyle.They were able to take family time together while their son was growing up and now have a global business with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs.They spent two years living in Australia while they were actively building helping teams of people there. It is an annual trip they continue to enjoy.

Spending time with people and inspiring is her joy.
Cindy Hannon


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