Know your target market by Jackie Lee

When you ARE your target market it makes it much easier to sell yourself!  It occurred to me that my perspective may be very valuable to a whole market of people. You guessed it moms. I started writing more articles…

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There's a new 'Three Foot Rule' in network marketing.   When I joined my sponsor's business
George Dubec Digital marketing.  Online marketing.  Website marketing.  Internet Marketing. These
Every business needs relationships with its prospects, even if it’s with partners. There are many
If communications got better; if communications got fast; if communications got cheaper; would you do
Thinking of making your life easier than ever without losing control over your selling recruiting?
Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee believes it is possible to live the life you want RIGHT NOW. She lives it, and helps other people believe it and live it as well. She lives her life with her husband and daughter, at riding lessons, in the garden, buried in a good book, and of course sharing it all on Facebook and her blog. Working from home has given her the ability to live this life NOW… it can do the same for you.

You can contact her directly via email: or by phone: 620-863-2485
Jackie Lee
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