Looking Forward with Jim Rohn by RS Mallory

He created a body of work that transcends cultures, age or businesses and will continue to do so for generations to come.  Jim Rohn was the quintessential trainer and advocate of personal growth. He was a genuine Humanist, believing in…

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Jim's philosophy for successful living demonstrates a deep understanding of the world.  Jim Rohn... an
"Resolve says, "I will". The man says, "I will climb this mountain. They told me
"What if the event you DON'T attend was the ONE for YOU?"  I am one
7 Effective Leadership Skills If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people,
Taken from the home page of JimRohn.com  [Taken from the home page of www.JimRohn.com ]
RS Mallory

RS Mallory

RS Mallory has been an Educator, Corporate Trainer, Chief Communications Officer, Artist/Poetess and continues to help others create part to full time income in the Network Marketing Industry for the past 16 years.

Her journey as a nascent Network Marketer set the stage for RS to develop Compassionate Marketing, a relationship based philosophy that teaches people to embrace basic human ethos. Her story is one of acceptance, growth, self-realization and empowerment. Compassionate Marketing helps people embrace their own special talents and shows them how to use them to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

RS' Father was a Pharmacologist, predating present day Pharmacists & modern medicines. The knowledge she gathered watching her Father prepare "synergistic concoctions" from natural herbs inspired and fed her passion to educate people to take charge of and control their own health through knowledge, natural herbs, vitamins and nutritionals.

RS has extensive knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Herbal nutritional communities.

She spent 3 years as the Executive Director of Education for the Distributor Rights Association.

RS continues caring for people and has built large organizations of "Compassionate Marketers" and Compassionate Marketing. If you have questions about Network Marketing or would like assistance
in finding a suitable company, feel free to contact RS for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.
RS Mallory
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