Make Every Connection Count! by Bonnie Ross-Parker

We simply never know in what way that impact will affect someone else!  I love this month’s topic: The Best Networkers Offer Value! As networkers, daily, each of us has the ability to impact the people we meet , our…

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Bonnie Ross-Parker

Bonnie Ross-Parker

In August of 2002, Bonnie created Xperience Connections™, a program supporting professional women nationwide. After having over 4,000 women in her home and reaching thousands of women nationwide, XC continues its growth. The mission of Xperience Connections is to encourage and facilitate the growth, performance and integrity of professional women by creating opportunities to foster relationships through a creative exchange of information and referrals.
Bonnie is the author of several books including Walk In My Boots: The Joy of Connecting, shifting your consciousness to share yourself with others:Y.O.U. ~ Set A High Standard for Being Human showing how our journey impacts others and the journey of others impacts our own.
She is also a contributing author to What We Talk About When We’re Over Sixty by Sherri Davis and Linda Hughes and Atlanta’s Real Women by Linda Hughes and Christine Martinello and several others where she describes how a mother copes with the loss of a child.
Her most recent book, Discovery and Recovery: A Shared Journey chronicles her 8-month challenge with Breast Cancer taking the reader through the entire process from diagnoses thru chemo, surgery, radiation and recovery. It is available on-line at no charge.
Bonnie has received numerous awards.Among them, the Athena International Award Program, the Toastmaster’s International Communication and Leadership Award, and she was also recognized as a Georgia Woman of Influence by The Woman’s Leadership Exchange of New York.
In May, 2010, Bonnie was recognized as a distinguished business woman – part of the Princess Diana Tour/Atlanta. In November, 2014 Bonnie was acknowledged by North Point Magazine (Atlanta) as being 1 of 11 recipients to be featured in their cover story: “Savvy & Successful – Our Annual Tribute to Local Inspiring Women”
In December, 2014, The Atlanta Business & Entertainment Exchange presented her with the Leadership Award with the inscription: “Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the Atlanta Community”. In October 2016 Bonnie received The Legacy Award at The Living Legacy Summit of Atlanta for being an advocate for female professionals and entrepreneurs. The following month, WE Rock Organization honored her with The Pioneer Award also for her unwavering support of women in business.
While she has faced and overcome many challenges, Bonnie Ross-Parker has never lost her focus and enthusiasm for life. She believes that the possibilities are endless for those who value and nurture relationships.
Bonnie is a working example of what is possible when we focus, take action and chart our own course.She has spent her entire life encouraging women to do just that. She continues to be a tireless mentor of women helping them to maximize collaborative vs. competitive relationships.
Bonnie Ross-Parker
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