Mentoring: It Must Go BOTH Ways by Helen Ober

Let’s begin by defining what a mentor is. A mentor is someone that teaches, directs, leads, and oversees someone that desires to have, do, and become what the mentor has, does, and is.

To be a mentor you must have both knowledge AND experience.

You had to have walked the walk, experienced the failures and challenges, and have pushed through and succeeded and now have the wisdom to share.

The title of this article is, Mentoring: It Must Go Both Ways. This means on each of our paths to becoming the best we can become, I believe it is critical that we both mentor and be mentored. In order to be relevant in today’s world, learning is never finished. There is always someone that is a step or two or a hundred ahead of where we are. We can learn and model our behavior after someone that has done or become what we want to become. Whether it is an agreed upon mentoring arrangement or if you read their books, listen to their podcasts, or attend their seminars, there is never an end to the incredible people we can be mentored by.

At the same time, there are always people who are looking up to us and desiring to learn from our experience. Becoming a mentor for someone can be a very rewarding experience. It has been said, in order to really learn something, teach it. This is true. In addition to enhancing our own understanding of the steps to success, in network marketing, in order to succeed, helping others to succeed is required. It is a win-win industry!

Mentoring is not spending hours teaching or even ‘doing for’ someone. It is four steps on the part of those you mentor:

they listen to you teach, they watch you, they do it themselves, and they listen to your feedback.

This can take patience and time as a mentor. However, skipping any of these steps does not lead to true learning and ultimately independence and success on the part of those you have mentored. Having to go back and reteach or even watch someone struggle is not as fulfilling as watching someone succeed!

 Mentoring: It must go BOTH Ways by Helen Ober

Helen Ober
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Helen Ober

Helen Ober is a woman of extraordinary talents. After earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education/Psychology, Helen was a public school teacher while simultaneously working in Direct Sales. She reached the pinnacle of success by being named top recruiter for 10 consecutive years, earner of more than 25 incentive-based trips, a multiple President's Club member, a Quantum Leap achiever for showing outstanding growth, as well as a three time recipient of the Woman of the Year award. Helen has also received the award of #5 in the world in sales in a company that is represented in 9 counties!

With 30 years of direct sales experience, she has mastered selling, recruiting, and coaching others to promote into leadership. Her true love is teaching and helping others how to succeed in business and in life. Thus, her company, LIVING THE EMPOWERED LIFE, was formed. She is an independent certified coach, leadership trainer, and a sought after speaker within her community. As a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team, Helen offers individual and group coaching and facilitates several Master Mind groups weekly. Additionally, Helen currently has a busy schedule presenting workshops and coachingEMPOWERED LADY LEADERS the skills of leadership, self confidence,and influence, whether it be in their own company, a direct sales company, or in their home.

Helen is a member of multiple professional business networks, a past youth missions leader, and an active member of her church community. She is the mother of two and the proud grandmother to Jase and Ryan. She resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband, Gary.

Her credentials and experience shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Helen is leading an empowered life and assisting others to do the same!
To learn more about the services Helen offers go to or request to join her Facebook group #empowered lady leaders with Helen Ober
Helen Ober
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