Mentorship by Ali Mehdaoui

In my humble opinion, mentorship is a must for everyone regardless to the amount of experience one can have. Simply because, the day you know it all is the day you commit intellectual suicide.

Business or not we all can use a mentor in any area of our lives where we seek growth and lack guidance. The challenge in the world we live in, is that we have instant access to everything via the online outlets, which is amazing, but can lead to an overwhelming amount of watered down “mentorship”. What I mean is, how do you really know that you are getting the cream of the crop when it comes to having the best or the right mentor for you? After 9 years in business and 31 young years on this amazing evolving world, I have learned that mentorship comes from a process not just a person! While I can name some of the greats in the business and personal development world, there were always certain things within me that have led to a connection of frequency with a mentor, and a hunger of fulfillment of a void within an area in my life.

What I am trying to say is: Though there are many mentors within the e-world, books and world class speakers and achievers, there needs to be a lust for wanting to create a better you.

I Personally have been looking for mentorship my whole life, I saw my parents grow apart and violent towards one another and I never wanted to be like that with my wife, so I sought after my church deacon to mentor me to be a great husband. Even when I began my business career, I knew deep within it wasn’t just an income path, rather a mission to represent change for the masses who might have been going through the obstacles I grew up with, so yet again I began searching for people who have a successful life instead of searching for success itself. I wanted to embody the great within.

Some of the great mentors I have are those who I have related to in their pre-success stories, as I previously mentioned, I have seen myself in their younger self & connected with them in every word they said. I believed that God had put them in my path as a messenger to guide my future self to help others; to be a beacon of light and hope to the masses at whatever they need progress and growth in.

I won’t claim I have figured it all out, but I’d love to share with you what I have looked for in a mentor plus what I personally aim to give to my audience and the thousands I have had the privilege to mentor:

  • Authenticity:

To be real and genuine in every way is a must; I embrace the weird within and accept all of who I am. I connect with a mentor who is open about their personal side of life as much as business, and I too do the same. Whether it’s the millennial in me or maybe I look at social media as a window into showcasing what I preach in my coaching seminars or videos.

  • Vulnerability:

It’s okay to be human. Sometimes as “mentors” we tend to showcase that all is always perfect, but I believe that this could be counterproductive, and especially with my generation, we tend to copy and repost all we see and it builds a mindset of wrong expectations. I started following Tony Robins when he got in tears 9 years ago, as he was moved by a testimonial of an attendee at his event. That moment was a breakthrough moment for me, that I too can be me, and have a vulnerable moment, that it didn’t need to always be perfect.

  • Generosity:

Generosity is a sign of love, of giving and caring. I look for that in every mentor I’ve ever had and I do my all to pass it on to everyone as a philosophy. 98% of what my team and I create is free and available to the public in every platform we operate in, and I teach everyone to engage with generosity not with an agenda, to respond to all questions with love and a mission driven mindset not a money hungry one.

You must earn the right to make a living in the mentorship space by giving all you are back as if your legacy depended on it.

  • Consistency:

The number one killer of any entrepreneur’s journey is the lack of consistency. I look for a mentor that has a consistent message, a consistent process and more importantly, consistent activities! Mentorship is not just about content! It’s also an accountability system for the protégé. I do my all to outwork my students, not as a competitor, but a leader by example. Mentoring someone is a responsibility! He or she invest hope, dreams and goals within you, and that is why it is a must to show not just tell the process, and be a partner who is invested in the win not just a in the pep talk and the playbook.

In a nutshell, mentorship is a must for personal growth and development, but it has the most impact on attitudes over skills. It is a way of life that promotes change, and betterment of a specific or general idea or a movement.

Ali Mehdaoui
Founder & CEO
Mehdaoui Enterprise

 Mentorship by Ali Mehdaoui

Ali Mehdaoui

After coming to the U.S. in 2002, Ali has been able to get his formal education in the country and further his education as a certified chef while mastering five international languages. Corporate America was good to Ali, but 90 hours a week had him searching for an exit strategy. Six years after leaving the corporate world, he has founded Mehdaoui Enterprise to give the market place all he has learned from building 7 traditional businesses and network marketing businesses in 27 US states and 9 countries. Now more than ever he has been focusing on helping struggling entrepreneurs and companies to become success stories through better branding and messaging, and better strategies and techniques.

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