Method vs. Mindset by Steve Dailey

Where do you find a Coach to perform this magic with you and how do you know they are equipped to truly help you?  Did you listen to my article last month about the fact versus fiction of why you…

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Why don’t we just do it? If we know that people want and need our
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Steve Dailey

Steve Dailey

Steve Dailey is a speaker, author, advocate and coach for people 45 and older embracing the second half of life as the Better Half. Helping hundreds of small business owners for over 20 years achieve new levels of vision, confidence and success in their business goals has taught him that those most equipped to make a difference in the world around them are those that have endured the challenges and obstacles of life through their first 40-50 years. His battle cry challenges - "If not for the second half, what was the first half for?!"
Steve Dailey
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