Network Marketing Families by Paul Morris

Network Marketing Families

If indeed the strength of a Nation is in direct proportion to the strength of the family, then Network Marketing just may be the glue that holds it all together and be the force that saves our Nation.

The greatest challenge facing America, and any country today, is maintaining a strong family unity.  Today with so many distractions it is difficult to even get the family to all sit together for an evening meal let alone have a casual conversation. Increasingly as the children get older many things begin to divide the family.  Generational differences, influence from teachers and college professors, television shows, and social media all create large divides between family members until they have very little in common and therefore little reason to communicate with each other. Network Marketing can avoid that from happening because when children are brought up in the Network Marketing environment they grow up having something in common with their parents and siblings.

As a father of three children and seven grandchildren and having been in Network Marketing for 50 years. Yes, that is not a typo, fifty years of Network Marketing while raising a family I certainly feel qualified to address this subject.

We were in Amway when our children were born; they grew up attending Amway meetings, stocking shelves, and helping host in home meetings.  We traveled together, attended training seminars together, attended National Conventions together and spent many hours a week discussing our Network Marketing businesses.  Today each of our grown children have successful Network Marketing businesses and are also very successful all working together in another traditional family business.

Now, our older grandchildren have Network Marketing business and experienced helping run monthly meetings, operating a book table, setting up audio and video for the meetings.  As parents we believe that having them grow up in a Network Marketing family is what has contributed to their social skills and their entrepreneurial spirit.  Being full-time Networkers, we were able to home school our children for much of their early years.

When other family members are involved in Network Marketing there is something in common for everyone and certainly plenty of things to discuss, and of course events to attend.

Start them young.  We took our children to Amway meetings when they we still in their bassinets.  Teach them to open boxes, take inventory, stock shelves, greet people arriving for meetings, serve refreshments and take them with you to big events and conventions.  Many MLM companies have provisions for special events for the children of parents attending their functions.

Make them feel a part of the business.  Refer to the business as the ‘family business’ when talking about it in the presence of your children.  Say things such as, “This is our family business and Johnny is in charge of inventory and Susan does our Newsletters and our graphics and Josh runs the audio visual support for our meetings and makes sure all our computers are running properly.”

Pay them their allowance from your Network Marketing business account.  Give them incentives for them to desire to see you grow in the business.  Things such as, “When we reach the next award level we are all going to Disney World, or all going on a cruise.” Now they will not complain if you are away doing meetings because they know they will all experience the rewards.

Building a Network Marketing business will expose them to great speakers and contribute to their personal growth through attending seminars and reading great motivational and self-help books as well as listening to audio and watching video training seminars.  But the greatest influence on them will be seeing mom and dad working together and setting the example for them to follow.

Strong families will build a strong country. Children growing up in Network Marketing families, when they are included in the process, will most likely develop a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.

To make America great again, we need to make the family great again.  The best way to make for a great family it to bind them together with the common ground of all being in business together as a family.

Once they become college age young adults they will be able to attend college and pay much of their own way if they have built a strong organization with a good, solid, family oriented, MLM company. Doing so will enable them to start out in life with a stable residual earnings but most importantly without a huge college loan to repay.  Oh, by the way, other college students are excellent prospects, so they can build their business while they are going to college. Or, they may be doing so well with their Network Marketing business, they may choose not to go to a formal college.  I say formal college since growing up in a Networking family, hearing the speakers, attending seminars and reading the right books I believe is far superior to a college education and they easily could be earning far more than their college educated friends. (And never have any student loan debt to repay. LOL). There are articles showing there is something more important than IQ. It is SQ, which stands for Social Quotient. SQ is the ability to get along with other people and that is one skill that is not taught in college but can be mastered while growing up in a Network Marketing environment.

So, if you are not a Network Marketing family, become one.  Find a family oriented MLM company that has a broad product line that will be of interest to ALL family members and join immediately while your children are still young.  If you already ARE in Networking, then make your children a part of it by including them in everything you are doing and by giving them work to do to help the business. Take them with you to special events. We would let our children invite a friend to come with them and they would enjoy the resort and get a kick out of ordering room service while we were in the seminars.

If you children are grown, then make them the first people you introduce to your business and offer to help them build a second earnings stream.  If you have no children, then the residual earnings from a solidly build organization could start a trust, scholarship fund or a foundation to support your favorite charity or a project that is close to your heart.

 As grows the Network Marketing industry, so grows the strength of the family.

Let’s make America even greater and let make other countries stronger and ultimately make the world a better place in which to live!

So, get out there and start sharing your business with everyone. The future of our country may depend on it!

Paul Morris

Paul Morris

Paul Morris is a top network marketer and trainer who has been building marketing organizations for the last 50 years. He is known as the mentor’s mentor. He is a former Amway Executive Diamond and has been #1 in the nation with several network marketing companies. Paul has used the principles taught in this lesson to build several organizations to in excess of fifty and one hundred thousand distributors. One organization was approaching one half million distributor/customers. Paul has held monthly volumes in his downline organization alone in excess of 15 million dollars per month. Many people ‘practice what they preach,’ but it is said of Paul, that Paul ‘preaches what he practices’ and has practiced his entire life. Paul can be reached at 954 818-0665 or via email at or www.healthandwealthwithpaul.comPaul’s hobby is growing organic vegetables in his own back yard. He encourages people to “grow what they eat and eat what they grow.”On the social/spiritual side of life Paul has spent much of his free time in Scouting, Jail and Prison Ministry and other outreach ministries. He is happily married and the father of three children and has seven grandchildren. Whether it is a group of 14 in a living room or a crowd of 14,000 in an auditorium, Paul is sure to have them laughing, crying, and ultimately motivated and inspired to become all of that which they are capable of becoming. Paul’s philosophy is that success in this industry is not measured by the dollars you earned but rather by the lives you have touched and influenced in a positive way.
Paul Morris

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