Override the Static by Amy McKenzie

Override the Static

Chances are most of us are not our ‘better self’ when we first wake up in the morning. It’s not hard to comprehend why; we likely have a negative default program running 24/7. The craziest part is we generally don’t realize we authored this program.  We put together a collection of ideas, derived from our childhood experiences and then carried them forward into our adult lives. We relate to these notions as our ‘Identity’ and often allow this perspective to determine our choices. So much so we are often making decisions without realizing they are based on a child’s point of view. Would you even consider taking advice from a seven-year-old on how to live your life? Yet our default thinking is so real to us we believe whatever the things we made up about ourselves as children to be the truth about who we are now.  Opinions that are rarely aligned with a healthy self-esteem.

The only way I know to reconfigure these programs is through personal development.

Most of us allocate precious little time to this pursuit. Even thirty minutes a day is a stretch. Yet those who do commit, even a modicum of time to upgrading their thinking, say they experience tremendous results. There is considerable evidence that 30 minutes a day of positive thinking can shift someone’s attitude entirely, inspiring them to make better choices and lead more satisfying lives. If this is true, that 23+ hours of negative thinking can be reversed in a fraction of the time, clearly there is value in managing our thoughts and supervising our eternal chatter.

At one point, it occurred to me I was holding myself back in life, waiting for a time when I would be free of the repetitive, negative self-talk. When I finally accepted this was never going to happen, I knew I had to come up with a way to keep myself on track. In my search, an analogy came to mind. Picture driving out in the country, so far out in the boonies that the radio turns to static. What do we usually do? Turn the volume down, right? I decided I needed to find a way to do that for myself. I would find a new station, fashion a new tune to hum, something I was so passionate about it would have the power to drown out the ‘static’ of my default thinking.

Exercising mental discipline was the actionable step in learning to take control of my busy mind.  Having a visual to fall back on helped me stay focused on creating new neural pathways. Whenever my default chatter gets too loud, I picture myself turning down the volume and willfully directing my thoughts towards what I am creating. Literally teaching myself to hum a new tune.

When you drown out the static an amazing thing happens, suddenly you can see from a new view point – one that is perhaps a bit more mature than that seven-year-old girl or boy who has been running the show – and suddenly it becomes obvious your better-self has been there all along.

So, turn down the static; Write a new tune you are over-the-moon about; And it might just give you the energy, courage, and perseverance needed to override the endless static.

Override the Static..Amy Mckenzie

Amy McKenzie

Amy McKenzie

Amy's lifetime involvement in the theater offered her many opportunities to study with some of the industry's greatest directors, performers and teachers. Her formal education includes the Masters Program at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and the Film Certificate Program as a Teaching Assistant at UCLA. Her career spans four decades and includes venues from off-Broadway to television, National Tours to Summer Stock. Over the years Miss McKenzie has worked professionally as a producer, director, founding artistic director, writer, actor, professor and coach.

From an early age Amy pursued a passion for personal development, studying a multitude of disciplines from survival techniques to professional leadership training. The degree of her development is evident in her success as a speaker, business owner and transformational coach.

Loving all things natural, Amy has committed a great deal of time to the study of traditional and alternative healing. Miss McKenzie is also a licensed HeartMath practitioner and holds certifications in various alternative healing modalities including Reiki, Energy Restructuring and Rebirthing and as a Therapeutic Masseuse.

Her commitment to furthering the well-being of others is demonstrated by the number of lives she has touched and the contribution she has made as an independent distributor, leader, trainer and presenter for Zija International.

When asked, Amy cites her most cherished accomplishment as having provided significant opportunities for her brilliantly gifted daughter, Valia O’Donnell, to fully live a life she loves.

Making a difference, one person at a time, is Amy’s driving force.
Amy McKenzie


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