April 2017

 The Theme for April 2017 is Abundance Mindset

Mindset is EVERYTHING!  Success AND failure starts with mindset. This month’s issue is about Abundance Mindset. Dig into the ways that mindset will effect your place in life. Don’t miss the article this month by Dr Shad Helmstetter, THE master of mindset!

Find out how you can travel down a path of a great mindset rather than a failing mindset!

George-MadiouAim high!

George Madiou Publisher and Founder


Is Your Brain 'Wired' for Abundance? by Shad Helmstetter

Your abundance begins in your brain. In fact, according to research in the field of neuroscience, your brain is either wired for abundance – or it isn’t. (As we’ll learn, there’s something you can do about that.) Here’s how it works. From the moment you were born, every message you received...Read More »

Abundance Mindset by Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert for the Network Marketing Magazine on Abundance Mindset.   Dale Calvert is one of the premier teachers and leaders on this most important success issue; Abundance Mindset!   ___________________________________________________________ Don’t ever miss any great articles like this again… This content is for 27 Percenter Success Annual Renewal with...Read More »

Abundance Mindset by Sean Murphy

Sean G Murphy is a premier author with The Networking Marketing Magazine, having been with us since the start, over 11 years ago. TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com has been committed to delivering world class articles and training that gives the Networking Professional the tools necessary to succeed and Sean Murphy has been a 27%er...Read More »

Dr. J. B. Jones Video- Jim Rohn and Earl Shoaff's Mentor - Laws of Success! By Ron Henley

Ron Henley, network marketing’s premier industry historian, shared this rare video clip of Dr. J. B. Jones – Jim Rohn and Earl Shoaff’s Mentor on one of the laws of success, abundance mindset!   _____________________________________________________________ Don’t ever miss any great articles like this again Become a 27%er Success Member and get on an...Read More »

Where Do You Set Your Limits by Cindy Hannon

How do you look at life? Where is your vision, does it stop at the clouds? My mom stocks her pantry up with foods and supplies that they use regularly. I suppose this is something done by people who have lived through times of struggle like a war. She moved 8...Read More »

To Be "Abundant" by Jeanette S. Lopez

Many personal development coaches speak of our “MINDSETS”. Your mindsets are basically the beliefs that are instilled in you while growing up. They are ingrained in your psyche; and how your life unfolds is often a reflection of your mindset. Consider the child that grows up in poverty. This mindset is...Read More »

I Am Abundance and Success by Rick Hannon

I Am Abundance and Success An abundance mindset is based on the belief that there is more than enough of everything to go around – for everyone. An abundance mindset is an outlook on life of receiving great things in our lifetime. One with that mindset believes that love will come...Read More »


We’ve all heard it for years…ATTITUDE is—- EVERYTHING! Zig Ziglar said it this way, “A POSITIVE ATTITUDE won’t let you do ANYTHING, but it will help you do EVERYTHING BETTER!” If you’re reading this I’m sure you’ve heard all the talk and read many of the books on a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and...Read More »

Abundance Mindset by Ruben Torres

I was born the seventh child out of eleven to hard working migrant parents. As long as I can remember, I had suffered from a lack mindset for years. I believe the root cause of my fear was extreme poverty in childhood. The lack of money had always been an...Read More »

What is Your Mindset? by Helen Ober

Are you satisfied with the state of your business? Do you believe you work as hard as possible and still do not find yourself succeeding? One place you may not have examined, is you mindset. What is mindset? Simply defined, it is your set of beliefs about yourself and the world...Read More »

Prosperity Principles for Network Marketers by Steve Taubman

In a previous article, I recommended that you get in the habit of spending money. Let’s tease that out a little more. It’s hugely important that you break the habit of hording or going without. I’m not suggesting that you become frivolous or rack up a bunch of credit card debt....Read More »

Creating a Successful Mindset by David Feinstein

The mind is a powerful tool in life. The right attitude affects every part of us. The wrong attitude is dangerous and often disastrous for our efforts. It is a different kind of tool, but it sure does have a lot of weight in our lives. Mental framework is a...Read More »

Gratefulness The Secret Sauce To An Abundance Mindset by Roberto Torres

Gratefulness The Secret Sauce To An Abundance Mindset   Be Grateful Abundance is defined as a very large quantity of something. The definition of Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. For the purpose of this article we can say the Abundance Mindset is defined as someone who has an...Read More »


The TRUTH About How You Can Replace Your Income at Work in a Network Marketing Program! By Robert Blackman Article & Video

The TRUTH About How You Can Replace Your Income at Work in a Network Marketing Program! By Robert Blackman   We’ve all heard the hype: “I made $30,000 in 30 days!” “I quit my job in 6 months!” So, like me, you’ve probably joined more Network Marketing programs based on a promise that never appeared...Read More »

Art's corner, mighty monthly musings by Arthur Tugman

Arthur Tugman  Art’s corner, mighty monthly musings A key predictor of success is a combination of yours and my mindset. The ultimate success is a win win situation. All roads lead to success but it might take a few failures to get you there. Personal recommendations are abundant mindsets. __________________________________________________________ Don’t ever miss any great articles like...Read More »

More Home Business Advice – How to Have Without Actually Getting More by David Feinstein

Of all the home business advice that I give, one thing that I feel I don’t talk about enough might actually be one of the most important to your feeling of self-worth and happiness. So maybe we’re getting into the holiday spirit a little or something but yes… I’m going to...Read More »

Social Media

Having an Abundant Mindset in The Digital World by Robert Velarde Article and Video

Question: How do you develop an Abundant Mindset In The Digital World Answer: Develop a positive mindset of keywords Here is how: What are some keywords that you should immediately begin to use in your everyday routine to help you build healthy relationships and thereby grow their network of fans and followers? This is...Read More »

This is the Power of Online Video by Ruben Torres

Four powerful and relevant questions you want to think about while you are setting up your presentation. The topic of The Power of Online Video is such a treat! Being a public speaker, I stand in front of mass audiences all… This content is for 27 Percenter Success Annual Renewal with...Read More »


Abundance Mindset by George Madiou

The theme for this month’s issue is abundance mindset. I believe that mindset is everything! Success and failure starts with mindset! Abundance mindset can include time, money and freedom; In fact, all three can factor into abundance mindset. A good friend of mine and I were talking about two very similar words...Read More »