December 2016


11th-anniversaryThe theme for December 2016 is Women In Network Marketing.  The largest groups in network marketing is Women! There is no gender inequality in network marketing.  As a matter of fact, network marketing is a profession that has incredible equality more than any other profession.  We want to hear from the women out there and your view of the industry and the opportunity.  Email me at


Aim high!

George Madiou Publisher and Founder



Women in Network Marketing by Paul Morris

In my 48 years of experience in the Network Marketing Industry I have sponsored many women. It seems that each one has a different reason for joining. In the early days, almost everyone that joined (male of female) were approached with the “How would you like to own your own...Read More »

An interview with a great Network Marketing teacher and leader, Jordan Adler

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When My Wife Joined Me In My Business, And Was All In, The Business EXPLODED! by Chris Colt (Article & Video)

  What are the skills and mindset necessary to build a successful home based business? In the last 15 months, I have learned much of what it takes to accomplish that goal. This has been a major transition considering that my background is Corporate Sales. In that world, things are typically about yourself,...Read More »

Is Network Marketing Gender Neutral? by Jillian Middleton (Article & Video)

Is network marketing a particularly good place for women to be? Does it offer something special that other businesses don’t offer? Is it true there is no gender inequality in network marketing? Well, Yes and NO. (Sigh) Here is the thing, as a woman you are going to run up against what...Read More »

Women Making a Difference in Other People's Lives by Sue Seward

sue.seward Surveys conducted by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) revealed that approximately 77.4% of direct sellers in 2015 were women. So heads up guys, be sure to pay special attention to all the excellent opportunities for sponsoring more women with your organization who will go out and share life changing products...Read More »

Women in Leadership and the Two Must Have Qualities By David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinx   “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Women in leadership roles are more common than it was fifty years ago, however before the new millennium took hold; women faced so many issues that a box of Kleenex wouldn’t be enough to dry the...Read More »


Their is no 'secret' to building a successful home business by Randy Steen (Article & Video)

First, a word on FOCUS from Randy Building a successful business is hard. That’s why most people look for short-cuts and quick fixes to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, success doesn’t come from cutting corners. Indeed, in any endeavor, it’s the overcoming challenges and achieving what you set out to do that...Read More »

New MLM World Record

Last week I had a chance to ride around with Tim Rose. He told me how he started his business: “In the first 29 days, I drove 31,000 miles all over Texas, meeting prospects and building the business.” 31,000 miles!!!… This content is for 27 Percenter Success Annual Renewal with...Read More »

Ability, Motivation, and Attitude by Chris Widener

ChrisWidner“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz There are three primary aspects of your life that will determine whether or not you are successful in your endeavors. You will not be successful if you have only one...Read More »

Abundance by Julio Varela

Julio Varela 2I’M CONSTANTLY SEEING, HEARING, READING about the need for abundance and how we can have abundance in our lives. I wonder, are we missing something that we already have abundantly and don’t realize we have? Are we being sold a bill of goods that what we already have is not enough...Read More »

Marketing and Promotion in MLM

DavidLFeinsteinxAre you scratching your head, trying to figure out why your network marketing business isn’t growing? When it comes to MLM business, there’s one thing that MUST take precedence of all other things. There’s only one thing that counts and that’s how many leads or prospective customers you get coming to your...Read More »

Social Media

How Facebook Can Replace Going To Your Warm Market! By Max Steingart

new-max-steingartTwo weeks after I joined my first network marketing company, my sponsor Frank came to my home to explain how the business worked. Frank asked me to make a list of all the people that I knew and all the people that I had a relationship with.  I was encouraged to list my family, friends, neighbors,...Read More »


“Coach Steve” – Mindset of Receiving and Giving Support – by Steve Dailey

Steve Dailey Ocean Pix“Coach Steve” On The Mindset Advantage: Mindset of Receiving and Giving Support <– Click here or on the photo           ____________________________________ Don’t ever miss any great articles like this again Become a 27%er Success Member and get on an incredible journey of growth! Join Here! To get this great Bonus use Referral Code Steve Dailey Here is...Read More »

Boca Lead : You Make a Difference – The Best Leaders Are The Best Learners! by Bill Mitchell

 <– Click on this video  You Make A Difference: The Best Leaders Are The Best Learners!  BocaLead Gives Back: 1. Look for someone in need 2. Give it to someone who is new to you 3. Share your story with… This content is for 27 Percenter Success Annual Renewal with...Read More »

MLM History - “Genius comes in strange packages” By Ron Henley

Jim Rohn always shared that “Genius comes in strange packages” and that you must be careful about the advice that you take from people. I’m going to share a special insight he told me about his mentor, Earl Shoaff, in a bit, but first let me share this: Just because someone...Read More »

Network Marketing Publishing - The Crazy Math to Growing YOUR Business by Brian Mast

brian mast  If you have room in your business growth plans for a small book that will make a big impact in your business… then read on. When the home inspector finished inspecting my house, he handed me a DIY book. It probably cost him $10 at the store …but in return, he...Read More »