December 2017

The Theme for December 2017 – 12th Annual Women’s Issue

This month’s theme is about Women and Network Marketing.

Since the start of using Network Marketing to move products and services to market, there has been a special relationship between women and Network Marketing.

Take a moment to see what our contributors have to say and share your thoughts . It can be in text or video, it’s up to you. We would love to hear from you!

Also take a look at my article, the last one, about a great organization called Starfish Treasure, it will touch your heart!

Thank you all so very much!

George-MadiouAim high!

George Madiou Founder & Publisher


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Direct Selling is the Answer for Women By Nicki Keohohou Article & Video

Direct Selling is the Answer for Women By: Nicki Keohohou, CEO of the Direct Selling World Alliance and Coach Excellence School Whether you are interested in a party plan business, network marketing or person-to-person sales, you are in the right place today. When we launched in 2011 women made up less than...Read More »

Women in Network Marketing By Paul Morris

Women in Network Marketing Why would a man write an article about women in Network Marketing?  Very simple. We enroll lots of women in Network Marketing and work with them daily.  At first, I thought, “Do I dare even attempt to approach this subject?” But since I have been doing this for...Read More »


WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP WILL REDEFINE OUR INDUSTRY I recently met a wonderful distributor at an event. In an industry built on amazing personal stories, hers stood out. And yet it all seemed so familiar. Emily married young. She traded in her career goals for a marriage and kids, which she loved and devoted...Read More »

A Word to Women By Cindy Hannon

A Word to Women Women are powerful, visionary and hold the most success in Network Marketing companies!  There are reasons why; they include the fact that for many women, being a Mompreneur makes more sense than going outside the home to work for someone else.  It makes sense to concentrate their...Read More »

Discover the Secret to Attracting More Female Leaders By Mary Dee

Discover the Secret to Attracting More Female Leaders It’s no secret that women have been some of the biggest movers and shakers when it comes to Network Marketing. We’re fun, dependable, and follow-up is second nature (because we’re always picking up after our families!) In general, women are nurturing and much of...Read More »

Common Flow By Elizabeth A. Mitchell

Common Flow “His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’” (John 2:5) Sometimes we wonder what obedience looks like, how it might sound, and how exactly to do it when it is easier said than done. A few lowly servants illustrate it precisely at that miraculous wedding in Cana...Read More »

What is the special relationship between women and Network Marketing? By David Feinstein

What is the special relationship between women and Network Marketing? The Power of Integrity Integrity has its own power and weight in the world. People trust those who come across as honest and open. Going transparent doesn’t have to be difficult. You do have to define a strong moral code that you...Read More »

Am I Really Teachable and Coachable? By Kennesha Forrest

  Questions from a Network Marketing Rebel. After joining, and leaving, so many companies in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry, I know this time is different. Why may you ask?  Because I asked for another shot; another “ground floor” opportunity that will revolutionize the industry and the world, as we know it.  Such...Read More »


Home Based Business Opportunity: How to Not Let a Brilliant Opportunity Slip Through Your Fingers… By David Feinstein

Home Based Business Opportunity: How to Not Let a Brilliant Opportunity Slip Through Your Fingers…  If this were a perfect world then everyone would be doing what they love for a living and actually living the life of their dreams.  Since it’s not a perfect world, and since all people aren’t...Read More »

Giving Thanks Is Not Just For Thanksgiving Day By John Hackett

Giving thanks is not just for Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is a great time of year to reflect and be grateful for our many blessings. I would say that we should have an attitude of gratitude all year. An attitude of gratitude is important in direct sales as the foundation of your...Read More »

Social Media

ULTIMATE NETWORKING – Networking Goals & Objectives By George Dubec

George Dubec ULTIMATE NETWORKING – Networking Goals & Objectives Once you have selected a networking, social or business event to attend it is recommended that you define your primary goals and objectives. Also, establish a timeline and decide if you are going alone or inviting others: which may include friends, associates...Read More »

There's A New 'Three Foot Rule' In Network Marketing. by Max Steingart

There’s a new ‘Three Foot Rule’ in network marketing.   When I joined my sponsor’s business in 1995, he told me to make a list of all the people I knew and then he told me about the  ‘Three Foot Rule’s.       “If there’s a person that’s breathing within three feet of you, they’re a prospect for your business.”  The...Read More »


Representing Synergistically By Jeanette Lopez

I represent Women Entrepreneurs in The Network Marketing Space Gratefully and Synergistically. 2017 has certainly been a year of growth for many of us. I started out as an apprentice to my Personal Development Coach back in January and developed into a Free Lance Columnist/Editor as well as Executive Assistant to his business,...Read More »

Starfish Treasure “Touching Lives One Gift At A Time” by George Madiou

Starfish Treasure “Touching Lives One Gift At A Time” Each year we spend countless hours and money  trying to figure out the perfect gift for our loved ones and friends, a gift that will show them that we care. This year, try something different. Honor your family and friends with a gift...Read More »