The Theme for July 2017 is Financial Freedom

What is it that the great majority of network marketers are seeking?  That’s right, it’s Financial Freedom. But digging down deep, what does financial freedom mean? That’s where you come in. Financial Freedom means many things to many people. What does it mean to you?

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George Madiou Founder & Publisher


Financial Freedom by Sean Murphy - VIDEO ARTICLE

Sean G Murphy is a premier author with The Networking Marketing Magazine, having been with us since the start, almost 12 years ago. has been committed to delivering world class articles and training that gives the Networking Professional the tools necessary to succeed and Sean Murphy has been a 27%er...Read More »

What Is Your Vision for Your Financial Future? by Jane Mannette

What Is Your Vision For Your Financial Future? I don’t know about you but every time I got close to the good life the price doubled. One reason may very well be that my definition of the “good life” was… This content is for 27 Percenter Success Annual Renewal with...Read More »

On The Road to FINANCIAL FREEDOM—Don’t OVERLOOK The “FREEDOM” Part! By: Michael York

In 1997 I sat in an audience in Charlotte, North Carolina as a Director of Sales with lots of other corporate leaders listening to the legendary Tom Peters speaking on work and business and life and marketing and lots of other stuff. One of my great takeaways from that session...Read More »


Is it a wish, a dream, a vision, or a goal for you to be financially free?  What is it that you would be willing to do towards actually reaching financial freedom?   What would being financially free actually look like to you? These would all be good questions to help...Read More »

Prosperity Principles for Network Marketers by Dr Steve Taubman

In a previous article, I recommended that you get in the habit of spending money. Let’s tease that out a little more. It’s hugely important that you break the habit of hoarding or going without. I’m not suggesting that you become frivolous or rack up a bunch of credit card debt. This...Read More »

Financial Freedom Can Be Yours – No Matter How Much Money You Make in Your Business! by Teresa Romain ARTICLE & AUDIO

Financial Freedom Can Be Yours – No Matter How Much Money You Make  in Your Business! (By Teresa Romain, President & Founder of Access Abundance!™) Since the focus of this article (and issue) is financial freedom, it seems that a great way to begin would be to look up the word “freedom”...Read More »

Financial Freedom by Rick Hannon

 Let me start with a personal quote “Financial Freedom is the by-product of helping other’s achieve it!” The reason I have financial freedom is directly linked to helping others obtain it. When we focus on helping entrepreneurs succeed in an enterprise, it brings us along with them as we travel the...Read More »

Financial Freedom by Jeanette S. Lopez

“Financially Free, to me, embraces the dream of waking up every morning without any concern over money.” The term, “Financial Freedom”, is used in the Network Marketing industry countless times.  As a matter of fact, I can remember the first time I had ever heard of the concept; it was at...Read More »

Financial Security and Freedom for Network Marketers by David Feinstein

Is there anything worse than losing a financially stable career? Perhaps there are, but for most people losing a paying job at the wrong time is worse than anything that this world can throw at it. So how would you prevent such a catastrophe from happening to you? Could you...Read More »

Enjoy The Freedom by Ryan Hill

    A person doesn’t have to look very long or hard to find free people who are not free at all. I am not talking about the rights and privileges we have in a particular country. I’m talking about being a prisoner of our own reality. These prisons may come...Read More »


Consistent Behavior Always Creates Great Results by John Terhune

Consistent Behavior Always Creates Great Results by John Terhune One of the keys to success in life is consistency. It matters not the area that we are talking about because the concept of consistency transcends all of life’s pursuits. In my life’s journey I have noted that most people are consistent...Read More »

Business Opportunities- Are You Ready for the Search to Be Over! by David Feinstein

These days, we’re all searching for a way to acquire an easy dollar. Basically, we’re simply searching for the solutions to our problems and usually believe that fast ways to cash in will be just the answer we’re looking for…. This content is for 27 Percenter Success Annual Renewal with...Read More »

Art's corner, mighty monthly musings by Arthur Tugman

Arthur Tugman Art’s Corner, Mighty Monthly Musings The doorway to success is always open to anyone resolving to turn failure around. Whatever you put your mind to, The body can do One could count on success if they would discount failure. The doorway to success is always open to all that resolve to turn failure around. Financial...Read More »


The Mindset of Financial Freedom by George Madiou

Yes, Financial Freedom definitely has a mindset. That mindset runs the gamut of what people perceive to be Financial Freedom.   First of all, the obvious is money, it’s all about the money, but money has a wide scope in that mindset.  Some people have a mindset that if they could earn...Read More »