The Theme for June 2017 is Social Media

In my travels around the country and with my talks with company owners and leaders, I continue to hear the same thing over and over. The largest growth in many of these companies is with millennials and the biggest method of this growth is through social media.  It is interesting the many views that are out there on the subject. See what is being said about this HOT topic this month!

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Birth of a Movement: The Network Marketing Magazine By Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D.

Birth of a Movement: The Network Marketing Magazine By Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D. How George Madiou and John Milton Fogg Brought Digital Publication to MLM To understand the how and the wherefore of The Network Marketing Magazine and its new subscription feature, you should know about how it came to be and...Read More »

Posting in ‘The Positive.’ By Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

Posting in ‘The Positive.’ By Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. Best-selling author of What to Say When You Talk to Your Self Using social media to build your personal brand and your business is an essential tool for network marketers today. But social media advisors often overlook one of the most important ingredients in...Read More »

Social Media Article and Video by Jeanette S. Lopez

  Facebook ~ what would we do if we couldn’t post our “Selfies” for the entire world to see these days!  Even our grandmothers are on these sites!    There is still such a wide range of opinions regarding what Social Media means and how it should be used.  I still chuckle...Read More »

The Social Media Explosion by Rick Hannon

The Social Media Explosion Twenty five years ago, when I started with my current network marketing company, I had no Internet and certainly no social media to introduce my program, products or opportunity through. We made names lists and picked up the phone to book live appointments. I had to drive...Read More »


SOCIAL MEDIA AND NETWORK MARKETING You’re already doing it, just do it right!  If you are active in social media, you are networking. You have friends, you follow people, people follow you…how about a social media challenge.  Learn to use it to your advantage.  If you want to find success in...Read More »

Social Media by Ali Mehdaoui

I do have to admit, when I got the memo that this month’s focus was social media, I absolutely was ecstatic. Not only because it has made my wife and I hundreds of thousands of dollars, or the fact that we’re both millennials but more importantly, we are living in...Read More »

Why Social Media? By Robert A. Velarde - Article And Video

As the leader of your business, you are responsible for spotting problems and delegating solutions. You are responsible for setting goals and thinking about the future. The only person in your company who will be genuinely motivated to grow your company is you. Every minute that you spend working on...Read More »

How Social Networking Changed Marketing Forever by David Feinstein

Social media has differently changed things in the last decade. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter have moved the power of decision making from companies to the people. This “social” revolution has not been terrible for every business, it differently helped small businesses compete with larger ones. Twitter forced people and companies...Read More »

The Top 8-Ways To Improve Your Social Media Presence by Carol A. Briney

The Top 8-Ways To Improve Your Social Media Presence by Carol A. Briney   What You Put Out There Cannot Be Taken Back. First and foremost, when considering any social media always remember that what you post cannot be taken back.  Even if you delete it, somewhere in Internet land, it can still...Read More »

Social Media: Asset or Liability by Roberto Torres

Social Media can be a great asset to building your Network Marketing business or it can be a great liability.  The challenge that I’ve seen is that many think it is a magical tool that is to solely post about their company, their products and the compensation plan. Nothing could be...Read More »


How to Jump Start Word of Mouth Marketing for your Business by David Feinstein

Getting a network marketing business to be profitable fast is extremely important. In my experience and 30 years being in this business, I’ve noticed that those who begin earning quickly are the ones that actually end up sticking with the business, and go on to be successful. One of the easiest ways...Read More »

Art's corner, mighty monthly musings by Arthur Tugman

Arthur Tugman Art’s corner, mighty monthly musings Abort anxiety before it causes you to bend. Adopt a Xen attitude if you intend to befriend. A dream is only a dream, but a goal is an imagination with a plan that includes a deadline. Dreams are abundant mindsets waiting to be awakened. ...Read More »

Social Media

How To Get Great Results Immediately With Just Your Facebook Page by Max Steingart

There is a lot great information available to you out there that can produce results for you and help you make sales on Facebook over time. What you’re about to learn in this article series is faster, easier to do and produces immediate results. When you follow its contents to the letter,...Read More »


Join 50,000+ Business Owners Who Generate Their Leads and Sales on Facebook by George Madiou

  Join 50,000+ Business Owners Who Generate Their Leads and Sales on Facebook 22Social is a refreshingly simple, yet powerful, Facebook-approved technology that upgrades your Facebook Business Page with the ability to create dynamic lead capture pages, contests, sweepstakes, live video, hangout presentations and much more! Watch this short video to discover one...Read More »

So what is this 27% annual success membership all about? By George Madiou

George-MadiouAfter over a decade, publishing The Network Marketing Magazine, we find that our members fall into one of three categories.   The first category is the extremely successful 3% that make a significant monthly income in their business.  An interesting thing about this group is quite a few of these don’t...Read More »