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What Is Your Focus? It’s About You! It’s Not About Me!

In our business one of the most important skill sets is the ability to talk to people. What is your focus? If it is not on your customers or your team what happens? What is your specific advice to the ones that you coach?

How do you guide people to keep their focus on others? Share your suggestions that can help our members take advantage of your advice.

Read what our contributors have to say and if you’re experiencing this challenge, put some of these suggestions into practice. 


We have started a new project that will be changing the face of network marketing (and your business.) It’s actually not as much of a project as it is a success mindset. This program will work on activities to teach our members, that are seeking to learn and to put into practice, the knowledge and to apply the systems that will solidly put anyone on a success pathway.

Our project is to offer and emphasize effective business success training. We will be teaching this throughout the month to our dedicated 27%er success members who want to learn the skill sets and employ the systems to maximize the efficiency of their time and grow their business.

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George-MadiouThank you very much!

Aim high!

George Madiou Founder & Publisher


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I will always remember Gary Young. By Paul Morris.

Publisher’s Note: This month’s theme is It’s About You! It’s Not About Me! Gary Young’s focus was always about others. We are dedicating the June 2018 issue of The Network Marketing Magazine to D. Gary Young. Our industry has lost a giant in our business. Out of over 100 million people world...Read More »

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The Principle of Proper Closing by Darren Jensen

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It's About You, It's Not About Me! by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter,

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Ask Not What Network Marketing Can Do For You - Ask What YOU Can Do For Network Marketing! By Sue Seward

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Define Your Plan on Helping Your Prospect Instead of You By David Feinstein

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Everyone Can Lead…and Here’s how to Start By Kent Vaughn

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Art's Corner, Mighty Monthly Musings By Arthur Tugman

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Being a Student in the Profession of Training by Mark Davis

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