November 2017

The Theme for November 2017 – Storytelling

This month’s theme is about Storytelling. This is one business that becomes better when we are able to articulate a great story. Our business and customer contacts pay immediate attention to your story, more than the facts and figures of our business.

Take a moment to see what our contributors have to say and share your thoughts . It can be in text or video, it’s up to you. We would love to hear from you!

Thank you all so very much!

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Storytelling By Dr Steve Taubman. Video & Article

Storytelling By Dr. Steve Taubman. Watch the following video (also found at the top of my website, After all the glitz and the music, you’ll see me telling one of my signature stories before a large network marketing crowd. As you watch, you’ll notice a few key elements; all of...Read More »

Your Story is Not Finished By Dale Calvert Video Article

Your Story is Not Finished Dale Calvert is one of the premier teachers and leaders in The Network Marketing Magazine Dale Calvert on Storytelling You can find Dale’s MLM Training website at ...Read More »

The 14 Thousand Hour Battle By Jay Noland Video Article

The 14 Thousand Hour Battle Jay Noland goes in on the 14,000 Thousand Hour Battle that most don’t realize they are in. After watching this video, you will be wide awake as to why so many people fail in many areas of their life. Jay then talks about how to solve...Read More »

My Life, My Story By Cindy Hannon

My Life, My Story My story began so long ago, but my story is my life.  I know God was leading me along this path before I ever knew who he was, or what he would mean to me.   He brought me into a family that loved me, he moved me...Read More »

Story Telling By Paul Morris

Story Telling Storytelling is a vast topic that embraces a multitude of elements all related to how to tell a story, why to tell the story, when to tell the story, presentation styles, voice modulation, descriptive adjectives and emotional trigger words, just to name a few. However, for this article, I...Read More »

Storytelling. Secrets of The NOT So Normal. By Jeanette Lopez

Storytelling – Secrets of The NOT So Normal. In Network Marketing, we are told often, “The Less You Say, The More You Make!” Allow me to be the first to tell you that the opposite is just as true, the “More You Say, The Less You Make!” Saying less when sharing is...Read More »

The Long Ride to the Big Easy By Darren Jensen

The Long Ride to the Big Easy One night, not long ago, I found myself taking an UBER in New Orleans. Noticing that my driver William had an NFL team’s logo plastered on his back window, I asked him about his quarterback and the prospects for the current season. As a network...Read More »

The Impact of Storytelling: Choosing to Make A Difference by Bonnie Ross-Parker

The Impact of Storytelling:  Choosing to Make A Difference The story I’m sharing with you happened decades ago, and I’ve decided to tell it because of the compelling effect it had on me. I’ve told it hundreds of times during workshops and keynotes.  I think it really is one of the most...Read More »

Endear Yourself To Your Audience With Story Telling By Scott Schilling

Endear Yourself to your Audience with Story Telling At the ripe old age of 18, I realized I wasn’t the only one going to the Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa.  In fact, there were thousands of other students working towards getting their Bachelor of Business Administration degree. If...Read More »

“Can I tell you a secret?” By Mark Davis

“Can I tell you a secret?” Who can resist? Any story that begins with this opening will grab the audience’s attention. This is what we want. Want a few examples? “Can I tell you a secret? I have been thinking about quitting smoking for the last few weeks. I lost another family member to lung...Read More »

How to Tell a Story By Rick Hannon

How to Tell a Story A compelling story can turn a good presentation into an exceptional one. How? A story has the power to color our words with meaning in a way that words or facts alone can’t. Stories stick in our minds, leaving impressions long after we first hear them. They humanize...Read More »

The Power of Storytelling for Networking Professionals by David Feinstein

The Power of Storytelling for Networking Professionals Storytelling is an old art that mainly stems to novelists and journalists. However, many businesses are turning to storytelling to help readers embrace their business. They are educating leads in a way that are helpful and personal. Stories teach us lessons and entertain us....Read More »


3 Tips to Gaining 6 Inches Fast (Of MLM Downline Tree)By David Feinstein

Are you embarrassed by YOUR size?  When you’re around other network marketers talking about their size, do you look away in embarrassment and shame? Is your partner ready to leave you because of your small size? Are you embarrassed for people to see your back-office because of this problem? SIZE DOES MATTER!!...Read More »

Everyone is a salesman. Some of us are better than others. By Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

  Everyone is a salesman. Some of us are better than others. We have to sell our boss on giving us a raise or sell our children on the value of a good education. We sell, sell, and sell every day. A young man practices his proposal to his girlfriend. Why? Because he doesn’t...Read More »

Which category do you fall into? By Robert Butwin

Which category do you fall into? I have lived a successful life, been married to the same person for 31 years, have two great kids and have coached many people who have become successful. I have traveled over 2 million air miles sharing my wisdom with thousands of others. When my...Read More »

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ULTIMATE NETWORKING – Type of Networking (where to go) by George Dubec

  George Dubec ULTIMATE NETWORKING – Type of Networking (where to go)   Business Networking starts with you making the best decisions as to how to use your time and choose events that have available prospects that you want to target. You should schedule your week with selected events in advance and each day...Read More »


Storytelling As A Strategy By George Madiou

Storytelling As A Strategy One of the most interesting people that I’ve ever met was a man by the name of Bill Gove. When I met Bill he was in his mid-80’s. What I quickly learned about Bill was he was considered the father of public speaking. Bill was one of...Read More »