October 2016


11th-anniversaryWe want to thank all of our members over the past 11 years.  This has been an awesome journey and it has only just begun!  If you haven’t discovered the new movement that is our mission check out the 27%er Success Membership video here. I would also like to thank our, over 200 contributors that have added to your guidance, education and your motivation, producing one of network marketing’s largest “Success Library!”  I want to also acknowledge my right hand team member, Mary K Weinhagen, I could find no better person to fill this roll.  Most of all I want to thank my wife Debbie, my partner of 38 years, my best friend and the inspiration for what I do, thank you Debbie, I love you!

The theme for October 2016 is Your “Why” Is What?  One of the most essential issues an individual needs to personally determine is, why they are moved to do and succeed in their business.  It is especially important for a new person entering into this industry to know what their motivation is for their success.  For the networker who has been around for some time and has not tasted the success they are looking for, it is essential to go back and explore what their WHY is and do a restart to use this as their path to run on.  What is your view on this subject?  Let us know what your “Why” is and explore what our experts teach about this.


Aim high!

George Madiou Publisher and Founder


Until You Know WHY, The How Doesn't Matter by Dale Calvert

Listen to the most important thing you must do in your network marketing business from Dale Calvert! Dale Calvert discusses the most important starting point in anyone’s  Network Marketing business for the subscribers of The Network Marketing Magazine.   Click on Dale’s Picture or on this link to hear what he has to...Read More »

Fernando Laguda Has One Goal: “A million people making $1000 a Month!” By Clifton Jolley

More than 20 years ago, I interviewed the president of Mary Kay and asked him: What is your goal for your Distributors? He answered immediately: “I want to empower 15,000 more women to earn $1,000 a month.” While other presidents… This content is for 27 Percenter Success Annual Renewal with...Read More »

Why Listening Really Works by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

TomSchreiterAccording to Impact Communications: * 70% of people make purchasing decisions to solve problems. * 30% of people make decisions to gain something. How can we solve our prospects’ problems if we don’t know what they are? That is why listening works. Why is it so hard? I get this email all the time. A networker...Read More »

The Formula for Failure and Success - WHY by Jim Rohn

Jim_Rohn A Jim Rohn Classic – The Formula for Failure and Success – WHY   A few simple disciplines practiced every day…. We don’t know if history will include Jim Rohn as one of the great philosophers, along with Descartes, Hegel, Kant, Nietzsche, Locke, Hume, Plato, and Socrates. But tens-of-thousands of people alive and networking...Read More »

Your Why is What? by Paul Morris

Or perhaps we should be asking… What is your why? And why don’t you have one? The challenge is that most people do not know what their why is and may go through most of their life without ever knowing until a mentor teaches them how to discover their why. The easiest...Read More »

Defining Your Why Position by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxThere is only one question that you need to answer for your prospects. Why are you in business? Can you answer this question completely and honestly? Many people cannot answer this question; they are focused on the how and what they do. This question is very difficult and it’s not...Read More »

Why Does Your 'Why' Matter More Than Anything Else... by, Helen Ober

Helen OberHow many times have you been asked, “What is your WHY?” Easy question to ask, sometimes easy to answer, however, more difficult to know the deepest reasons that matter most. In every new rep training I have conducted, I start off with this exercise of asking why they decided to join...Read More »


Make a New Beginning: A New Starting Point by Donna Bellacera

Donna BellaceraBirthdays. They’re supposed to be a joyous celebration, right? That one special day each year when we throw a party and reflect on the day our amazing journey began. The starting point. I’ve had quite a colorful journey and certainly enjoyed many wonderful birthdays in my life. Turning 54 this past year wasn’t one...Read More »

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There's A New 'Three Foot Rule' In Network Marketing. by Max Steingart

There’s a new ‘Three Foot Rule’ in network marketing.   When I joined my sponsor’s business in 1995, he told me to make a list of all the people I knew and then he told me about the  ‘Three Foot Rule’s.       “If there’s a person that’s breathing within three feet of you, they’re a prospect for your business.”  The...Read More »

Powering Up Your Purpose Will Ignite Your Passion! by Elizabeth Harrington

Powering Up Your Purpose Will Ignite Your Passion! Listen to the advice from Elizabeth Harrington……….. 3 Easy and Elegant Ways to begin building the foundation of standing out in the overcrowded and too often Sea Of Sameness prevalent today in… This content is for 27 Percenter Success Annual Renewal with...Read More »

MLM Success Tips by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxMLM success is a dream that many people every year share. They dream of that nice bonus or prize that they may receive for being one of the top sellers for that month. Most people who look a person’s MLM success and think, ‘Oh that, they just got lucky’, but...Read More »


MLM History: A Momentous Day in Network Marketing History! by Ron Henley

Saturday, March 4, 1961, was a crucial day for Chicago, Illinois… and network marketing history. Two life changing events took place on that fateful day. One changed lives by wreaking total havoc and devastation. One changed lives by giving hope and inspiration. J. Earl Shoaff was the President and Co-Founder of a food...Read More »

NETWORK MARKETING PUBLISHING: Your Why is Your Selling Point by Brian Mast

Terry’s book will have just come off the press when you read this. He is speaking at an event where there are 500 people in attendance. These individuals are business leaders who recognize Terry as an expert in his field… This content is for 27 Percenter Success Annual Renewal with...Read More »

Boca Lead : You Make a Difference - Creating A Challenge! by Bill Mitchell

Boca Lead <– Click on this video You Make A Difference: Creating A Challenge   You Make a Difference: Creating A Challenge Meaningful Work: 1. CONNECTION  – Connecting the Dots    • CRITICIZING                – Separates people and ideas.    • CRITICAL SPIRIT        – Separates you from yourself.    • CRITIQUE           ...Read More »

“Coach Steve” – Mindset of Optimal Health – by Steve Dailey

Steve Dailey Ocean Pix“Coach Steve” On The Mindset Advantage: Mindset of Finding Balance Click here or on the photo         ____________________________________ Don’t ever miss any great articles like this again Become a 27%er Success Member and get on an incredible journey of growth! Click Here!   Here is your first Growth Bonus…. Become a $97/year 27%er Success Member and receive one of...Read More »

Art's corner, mighty monthly musings by Arthur Tugman

Arthur Tugman Art’s corner, mighty monthly musings When you know “Why”, Success is all that matters. Time is such a precious commodity, when you use it exponentially, you have the answer to success. If you can influence others, you will affluence yourself. Subjectively, values can be felt, but, Tangibly is how success is seen. Goals will...Read More »

Publisher's Final Word: 3 Reasons That are Essential to Know Your Why by George Madiou

George-MadiouOne of the most essential issues a person needs to personally determine is, why they are moved to do and succeed in their business. It is especially important for a new person entering into this industry to know what their motivation is for their success. For the networker who has...Read More »