Prosperity Principles for Network Marketers by Dr Steve Taubman

In a previous article, I recommended that you get in the habit of spending money. Let’s tease that out a little more.

It’s hugely important that you break the habit of hoarding or going without.

I’m not suggesting that you become frivolous or rack up a bunch of credit card debt. This is not a lesson in irresponsibility.

It IS a lesson in how money works. Money is a fluid commodity. If you stop spending it, you stop making it. If you identify yourself as poor, the universe treats you that way, and money stops flowing into your life.

Here are some good ways to spend your money:

  1. Some people say, “I’ll give when I’ve got enough.” It doesn’t work that way. Give now. If you can’t give a hundred dollars, give ten. If you can’t help an entire community, help a family. Whatever you can give, give! The act of giving will loosen the hold you have on money and begin to get it into flow, and you’ll begin to feel like a useful member of your community.

  2. Choose a set of goals you’d like to achieve, and plan some simple, inexpensive rewards for achieving them. Maybe you take yourself and a loved one out to dinner and a movie. Maybe you go on a mini-vacation. Whatever it is, give yourself the gift when you achieve the goal so you learn to expect benefit from your accomplishments.

  3. Take a look at the things you hate to do. Take a look at your biggest time-wasters. Now, compare the time you’re giving those things to the money you could earn in the time you’re taking to do them. If you’ve got activities that are below your pay grade, get someone else to do them, pay them appropriately, and spend the time earning what you’re worth.

  4. There are people who could give you information that, if you were to use it, would make you enormously successful. If you avoid paying those people for that knowledge, you’re being penny-wise and pound-foolish. Spend the money to learn how to be more efficient, more productive and more effective. That’s an investment, not an expense!

  5. It’s a well established and effective practice to give money, usually ten percent of your earnings, to the place where you feel spiritually led. That may be your church or an organization that does work which moves you deeply. It may even be to an individual who has inspired you in some profound way.

As you put your money in flow in some of these powerful ways, more will come in to fill the void, and you’ll begin to see prosperity returning to your life.

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ProsperityPrinciples-Dr. Steve Taubman


Steve Taubman

Steve Taubman

Dr. Steve Taubman is THE preeminant expert in success mindset for network marketers.

He is the author of the #1 bestseller, UnHypnosis, which shows people how to utilize powerful transformational principles to reinvent their lives, and he's the creator of UnHypnosis for Network Marketers, the #1 self-hypnosis audio program in the world for the network marketing industry, named one of the Top 25 Must Have Products by Direct Selling Live.

Most recently, Dr. Taubman created the only proven procrastination system in the world for network marketers, Procrastination Annihilation. For more information about it, visit eliminatingprocrastination .

Dr. Taubman is also an internationally recognized entertainer and motivational speaker, presenting to audiences all over the world with his unique blend of hypnosis, magic, and mindreading while helping people take charge of their minds and create real wealth.

To contact Dr. Taubman and to learn more, visit his website,
Steve Taubman

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