Psychology plus Technology to Grow Your MLM Business by Bill Ganz

Success on the Internet today is more about “imagination than application”. What is the most important element of your website? It’s really not even your website at all. It is a part of your psyche. It’s your ability to understand your…

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Bill Ganz

Bill Ganz

Bill Ganz delivers more than 20 plus years of professional experience in the fields of live event design, show producing and multi-media. Bill also is one of the leaders in the area of new media technology that is driving the explosive market growth of Internet new media revolution. Bill has a very successful media-marketing background and has supported the marketing efforts of many companies such as Epson, Nissan, Kenwood, Pentax, Fender music and Haier electronics. Ganz also has recently received a Horizon Interactive Award, two Telly awards, a DV award, two Marcom Awards, the AVA award, an EmPixx award, and two Communicator awards. Bill is considered one of the top advisors and implementers of corporate marketing in the United States using viral and other methods on the internet. Bill's background in live event production gave him an unfair advantage with the art of engaging the audience online.

Bill's Expertise
Having toured the globe many times with a wide variety of headlining musical performances and headline bands, Bill studied production from a unique and practical perspective. Bill's experiences have given him the insider's edge to design the composition and structure of successful productions. For nearly 20+ years he has concentrated his energies in the business theater and corporate promotional arenas for live events. He has created live events and promotional marketing and support for companies in every area of production, promotion, marketing, and branding initiatives. Additionally, many of his clients have come from the industry for live event production and multimedia development.

As the founder of the MORE Media Group, he has recently focused on the development of new and practical ways to communicate rich multi-media experiences over the internet. Leveraging his past experiences, Bill has spearheaded new approaches to merge entertainment philosophies, a multi-media sensibility, and educational/training methodologies in new forms of online content.
Bill Ganz
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