Relationship Marketing by Roger Boger

What is it?  In our haste to gain market target visibility, we sometimes overlook our most important resource – our relationship with people! This is ironic because success in any business has it’s foundation rooted in interpersonal relationships. Relationship marketing…

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Getting a network marketing business to be profitable fast is extremely important. In my experience
As a baby boomer I am constantly amazed at the incredibly resistant to technology I
After over a decade, publishing The Network Marketing Magazine, we find that our members fall
New prospects can check you out on Facebook. So what will they see? Do you
A little phrase that I've used over the past years. I would always procrastinate. There
Roger Boger

Roger Boger

Roger Boger practiced dentistry for 26 years in Easton, PA Roger retired from dentistry in November, 1998

Reach the higest level in a world wide wellness company and is now the Master Distributor for Live The Source.

Lecturer both nationally and internationally on Health & Wellness. He has spoken in Japan, Canada, France, England, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Russia and the Caribbean, among other places. He has lectured on Energy Medicine nationally. He has authored articles for journals for people involved in the distribution of Wellness Products and journals for marketing. He has recorded many audiotapes, videotapes, CDs and DVDs to mentor people who are involved in similar businesses.

Dr. Boger created a Wellness Center called Lifespan, The Center for Integrative Health, on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and is constructing others at Bear Mountain Resort in Victoria British Columbia and Texas A&M University. The unique concept includes traditional, alternative and wellness approaches to help people make the best lifestyle changes that will ensure long and healthy lives. His plans include constructing these facilities in many global locations. Each venue will have a focus on Integrative medicine and each facility will be Feng Shui consistent in its physical plant design. This, along with his Real Estate investment, creating aggregation type business models for global domination in health care and authoring his current book “Your Einstein Complex Awaken your inner genius” is in alignment with his life's purpose.
Roger Boger

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