Selling Your Opportunity With Integrity…or The MacGuffin By Steve Taubman

Selling Your Opportunity With Integrity…or The MacGuffin

Reading Bob Burg always inspires me. If you haven’t already read The Go-Giver or Go-Givers Sell More, put them on the top of your list. I was just reading a chapter of the latter book where the authors make reference to a word attributed to Alfred Hitchcock.


The idea is that in every movie or work of fiction, the hero is trying to attain something, whether it be first prize at the spelling bee or an Olympic gold medal. That’s the MacGuffin. But regardless of which MacGuffin the hero aspires to, the value isn’t in that actual item. It’s in the person he or she becomes while acquiring it.

This highlights a classic mistake made in the network marketing industry. We concentrate too much on the product or business model we’re sharing and not enough on the person we’re helping our prospects to become.

I can’t tell you how many times presenters have tried to get over my sales resistance by telling me their product of business model “is nothing like those guys!” “Our vitamins are purer, our reimbursement plan is simpler, and our delivery is quicker….”

First of all, it’s a fundamental lie, and unless you know for sure how those other businesses work, you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to them.

I have a HUGE problem with distributors building up their products and services at the expense of other companies that they don’t really understand. Stop pretending you know what makes your company unique, stop taking your companies word for its superiority, and stop telling people how much better you are than others in the field. You don’t know that, we know you don’t know that, and it lowers your credibility when you pretend you do.

Second, it doesn’t matter. News flash: There are a lot of good products and companies out there. Your job isn’t to prove to me that yours is the best or that there’s stinks. Your job is to show me why you and I would be a good fit. You don’t do this by trying to show me that any other company I sign with would be a colossal mistake. You do it by showing me why I’d ENJOY working with you.

“Steve, there are a lot of great companies out there with terrific, safe, non-toxic products and a first-class compensation scheme. Let me tell you how we do business, and why I enjoy being associated with XYZ Company. If these things resonate for you, you may want to check it out too!”

As my Grandma Flo used to say (and she was the BEST grandma…much better than yours), “Be a Mensch!” That means, be a person of character. Sell by connecting and inspiring, not by scaring, demeaning and intimidating. Sell the merits of your business, but don’t pretend or be deceived into believing you’re the only one who can provide them.

Present your MacGuffin knowing that it’s not the product they’re buying…it’s YOU. So be worth buying!

Steve Taubman

Steve Taubman

Dr. Steve Taubman is THE preeminant expert in success mindset for network marketers.

He is the author of the #1 bestseller, UnHypnosis, which shows people how to utilize powerful transformational principles to reinvent their lives, and he's the creator of UnHypnosis for Network Marketers, the #1 self-hypnosis audio program in the world for the network marketing industry, named one of the Top 25 Must Have Products by Direct Selling Live.

Most recently, Dr. Taubman created the only proven procrastination system in the world for network marketers, Procrastination Annihilation. For more information about it, visit eliminatingprocrastination .

Dr. Taubman is also an internationally recognized entertainer and motivational speaker, presenting to audiences all over the world with his unique blend of hypnosis, magic, and mindreading while helping people take charge of their minds and create real wealth.

To contact Dr. Taubman and to learn more, visit his website,
Steve Taubman


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