Do you love what you do?  Do you love people? If you love what you do, it isn’t work.  Before you can lead people, you must first love them.  Being a good leader doesn’t come naturally to some.  Being a good leader starts with the heart, not the head.

I have known some “leaders” who have been, well, not gentle, not loving, sort of harsh in their speech and actions towards others.  Sadly, they don’t necessarily see that in themselves, because, if they did, they would show more, compassion and be more caring.  They are, however, expectant of people to just react to what they say, and then do it.  They are completely unaware as to the fact that their actions and attitude immediately turn people off; they push people away from them as a leader, rather than draw them in.  People don’t see them as a leader but, rather, they are seen as an authoritarian.  No matter how hard they try, it is apparent that they are not looking at people from a servant’s heart.

If you are not gentle, loving, caring, or serving; people will move away from you not with you.  If you want to be known as a good leader, you must serve lovingly and compassionately.

I can’t think about the words “servant” and  “leadership” without looking to Jesus and His life. 

He truly was a servant, a leader.  He took his disciples and mentored them into becoming servant leaders. No matter where you stand, you cannot help but believe the greatest act of service is giving of one’s own life as he did.  Additionally, in our country as well as in others, the Armed forces, policemen, and women, firefighters, nurses, doctors… the list goes on, all people willing to serve tirelessly, sacrificially, and some knowing what they are doing could unexpectedly take them from this earth and from their loved ones.  My son is a counselor, and, I can assure you, he is not doing it for its income potential, he is doing it because he loves people and cares to help those who are hurting. In college he scored unusually high in a career test showing leadership abilities; now, he is serving.  Servant Leadership…

Being a leader may involve people following your example, but in some of the cases I listed, it also involves people looking up to them, respecting them and appreciating their service.  Being a leader, involves first and foremost, a willingness to serve, a sincere and genuine love for people.  To be a good leader, one must have a humble spirit and attitude. Are you a servant?  Are you humble, as Jesus was?  Just food for thought… love, serve, then lead.

So, in application to what we are all doing in our businesses; our desire should first and foremost be, to help others achieve what they are trying to achieve.  That’s why we hear of the term “delayed gratification”.  As far as the financial aspect of what we are doing, we first serve; we grow into a leadership role, and then, finally, our income catches up with us.  But if we are loving people and caring about them first, we are gratified, so it really isn’t delayed after all, is it?  Only the financial aspect is delayed, not the gratifying part.

If you are going to be a good leader, while you serve, you will also develop a number other of good qualities, which include listening to, inspiring, supporting, and, building up people while you work patiently with your team.  In your serving, you should be building relationships, not only between yourself and others but also, at the same time, encourage relationships between individual team members. Getting your team together, working together, growing together is how you can best serve in your leadership role.  As you do this, you will be serving in a way to grow up other servant leaders because they will see your example.  Lead by example, be someone who inspires others.

Keep growing!


Servant Leadership- Cindy Hannon

Cindy Hannon

Cindy Hannon

Cindy, married to her high school sweetheart, has been at his side in Network Marketing since the late 70’s.They actually caught a glimpse and the fever when they were still in high school, but actually did not take action until a decade later.(That first glimpse was actually through an unethical company that required large investment and did not last, so for them it was only the vision they saw, but that fever had been caught.)

They built a successful business almost from the start.They quickly rose to a level where they were sought after for teaching and training.The company they were with took a bad turn at the corporate level; that had them in search for a company with a good business model and corporate team behind it.
Cindy eventually moved on into motherhood and home schooling their son.Her experience in the marketing industry, organizing and educating their son through high school and her experience working within their church has provided decades of experience in leadership as well working with people with many different personality types.

Nearly twenty-five years ago, Rick signed on for the network marketing business of their lifetime. This decision allowed them together, to build a designer lifestyle.They were able to take family time together while their son was growing up and now have a global business with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs.They spent two years living in Australia while they were actively building helping teams of people there. It is an annual trip they continue to enjoy.

Spending time with people and inspiring is her joy.
Cindy Hannon

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