So what is this 27% annual success membership all about? By George Madiou

George-MadiouAfter over a decade, publishing The Network Marketing Magazine, we find that our members fall into one of three categories.


The first category is the extremely successful 3% that make a significant monthly income in their business.  An interesting thing about this group is quite a few of these don’t have a clue how they got to a 5 or 6 figure a month income.  We were able to identify these individuals by how few personally sponsored people duplicated their success.  It was easy for us to identify how they became successful (even when the couldn’t) They were LUCKY enough to sponsor 1 or 2 or maybe 3 successful networkers that dragged them over the big money finish line.  The rest of the 3% new and taught the basics to their down line that wanted to learn and duplicated their up-line’s success.

The second category is the 70% of our members, were members who weren’t very interested in learning the skill sets and the basic truths of building a successful network marketing business.  As a matter of fact, we found that this group wasn’t really interested in learning and applying proven systems, which have been used for years, to  build a very successful business.  We found that a good number of these 70%ers looked at their business like they look at their lottery ticket, purchased on a Friday night.  At most these people that were not willing to work on themselves and their business.  They were only willing to walk down to the end of the driveway to peek into their mail box to see if the big check had come yet!

This left  27% of our members who we found that were willing (as a matter of fact starving) to find a pathway they could follow,  to learn the foundational  fundamentals and truths, to build a successful business.  They were also anxious to find systems to follow to succeed in growing their business.

Once we found this group we put our emphasis on helping them with the special teachings and training’s to guide them down proven paths, and expose them to the basic truths of successful business building.  We also help them to discover, what one of our greatest teachers and trainers, Dale Calvert calls the wisdom of the ages.  We also show them proven systems that they can apply and master for real success.

We take this group and we call them our 27%er Annual Success Members!

These are the people who raised their hand and identified themselves as 27%ers.  These are the people that knew deep down inside that this is a great industry that was worth mastering and putting in the work and effort to succeed.  These were also people, that once they understood this 27%er concept and movement, they could look down into their own group and identify their 70%ers and their 27%ers and spend their time leading the 27%ers.

When you select the 27 Percenter Success Annual Membership

you start down the road of mastering the skills from teachers and trainers who have done it themselves

and have successfully taught it to their own 27%ers, with similar success. 

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This movement is embodied in the new 27%er Annual Membership that includes many many success trainings and programs such as:

  • Access to the present month’s issue and the entire success library archives since 2005.

  • Access to the best of the best of the almost 3,000 articles in a format by subject matter to become competent in each subject.

  • Access to special trainings offered by the exclusive team of 27%er Trainers and leaders.

  • Annual 27% Members Will receive over $600 in success bonuses by great trainers like…

    • Denis Waitley

    • Dale Calvert

    • Tom “Big Al” Scheriter

    • Elizabeth Harrington

    • Paul Morris

    • and a very special Social Media Lead Generation program by Max Steingart called

      • Endless Free Leads (that we sell in our store for $397!) endless-free-leads-11-pix



Presently we are offering this annual membership with almost $600 of success BONUSES for the membership investment of $97.00 per Year.

Small price to pay for identifying yourself in this exclusive group of 27%ers!



PDF-2 So what is this 27% annual success membership all about? by George Madiou


George Madiou

George Madiou

George Madiou is a full-blooded Entrepreneur, complete with validating credentials, Degrees in Marketing and Management from SUNY and NYU (could ya guess he's a native New Yorker!) To date George has owned over 30 businesses, and says they varied from wildly successful to outrageous learning experiences. Among other successful ventures George has achieved high pin levels in two different network marketing companies.

George loves the thrill of teaming up with great people and seeing projects come to life and that passion is responsible for this magazine getting off the ground over 12 years ago. George partnered with his good friend John Milton Fogg and here we all (and we includes you the reader) are, making history happen.

George lives in a small town named Boca Raton, Florida. He says "If this isn't Heaven, I know that God at least vacations here." Without question, the joy of his life is his family. He and Debbie are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. They have two great young adult children, His son David and daughter Sara who is married to the greatest son-in-law Greg and the new love of his life, his first grandchild Jacob David!
George Madiou


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  1. Bob McGillivray

    Ways enjoy your wisdom >>>> NOW must put them to work . I’ve been in the industry over 50 year… Been years since I’ve done much.. That is about to change.. Thsnk you George, i can’t forget Dale also.

    Aloha. Bob in hawaii


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