Do you know the #1 thing that keeps anyone from hitting that ultimate financial goal in network marketing? I do. Here it is…prospecting. If you are not prospecting and teaching others to do the same, you are not in business. It’s that simple!

The job description of a network marketer is this: “you talk to people every day about your product and or your opportunity and you teach others to do the same.” In other words, you are prospecting and teaching others to prospect.

Prospecting is defined as “the act of surveying or examining” or “to search for or explore.” Prospecting is not selling. It’s not about getting people to buy the product or join the business. Prospecting is the process of sifting through and finding those with “interest,” and even more important, those you are interested in.

For example, let’s say that you are a tennis player and you want to play a game but you have no partner. So you decide to go to the courts and see if you can find a partner. When you arrive you see six people sitting up in the bleachers. So you ask, “hey anyone here want to play a game of tennis?” One hand goes up and the other five don’t respond. The question is which one do you play with, the one who raised their hand or do you try to convince the other five to play? The answer is obvious…the one that raised their hand!

You are not trying to convince someone to join or buy, or that they should like the network marketing business model, or your product… you are looking for interest.

Let’s say that you ask an overweight person “Hey, Mary, do you know of anyone that might want to lose a few pounds trying my new weight loss coffee? If Mary is interested, her hand will go up. Or she might refer you to someone.

The same holds true with prospecting. “Hey, John, do you know anyone who might want to earn some money?” And you go with the one that raises their hand…the one with interest. You don’t try to convince someone with no interest. So many will spend a great deal of their time trying to convince those who haven’t even expressed an interest.

You will always find different categories of people while prospecting. The one that hates MLM. What do you do with them? Move on. Don’t spend your time and energy trying to convince someone who doesn’t even believe in the business model.

Next is the one who loves MLM and is already doing well in another company. Congratulate them and move on. Don’t try to convince them that your company is better.

Next is the one that in MLM but are in transition. That’s a viable prospect.

Last is someone that knows nothing about the business at all but is looking to make some money. This is a viable prospect.

I really hope you spend a lot of time learning how to prospect, to invite people to look…because this is what your business is all about… getting people committed to look and give you a response. You are just looking for a response…yes I’m interested… no, I am not interested. That’s it! At this point, you are not even offering them the opportunity or product. You are simply prospecting looking for someone interested in making more money, owning their own business… someone that wants to get ahead financially…someone that wants your product line.

You can be terrible at everything else and still earn good money in network marketing if you’re good at inviting people to take a look. This can be done in person, on the phone, through email, or on social media.

If you can invite well, you can always put prospects in front of good presenters at a meeting, zoom meetings, have them view a video, listen to a conference call, or visit your website to hear the story.

The word invite is simply the act of asking someone to do something. View a video, attend a meeting, visit your web site, etc. The invite is not the enrolling part.

So many network marketers are after the sale before they get the interest. This approach never works and it drives your prospect away. The only thing you want initially is for them to take a look and let you know their level of interest.

Your greatest asset will become your ability to pick viable prospects. And I’ve not found a better way to teach how to spot a good candidate than just plain experience.

However, you can look for certain traits. And, remember, you are choosing them. You are not trying to convince them.

Look at it this way. When prospecting you are looking to fill your company board of directors. The question is, what character traits do you want on your board?

  • High self-esteem

  • Goal driven

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Self-starter

  • Business minded

  • Owner mentality

  • Ready to act now

  • Decisive

  • Mentally tough

  • Desire for something more

And, avoid these…

  • Passive

  • Wishy-washy

  • Close minded

  • Employee mentality

  • Cynical

  • Not ready to act

  • Low self-esteem

  • Easily influenced by others

  • Worries about what others think

  • Low desire to change

Which character traits would you not want on the board of your company?

How well you prospect will greatly depend on your communication skills… on your ability to ask questions and listen. Most network marketers have difficulty with communication…with asking questions and listening.

Distributors want to talk…to dump the whole load on the prospect, before they ever gain interest, or establish that they even have a need. Communication is what makes or breaks us in life. It is the true art of network marketing.

Prospecting depends on your ability to sell yourself, meet strangers, start a conversation and build a relationship… and to find a viable prospect for your business.

We all find it natural to try to sell others with our opinions, our beliefs and what we’re excited about. Everyone is always selling. If you are talking, you are attempting to communicate and sell your point of view. But if you are not listening and establishing a need you are not truly communicating, and most likely not making a sale.

Ever hear “you don’t understand me?” That’s because we are trying to “sell” or “push” our opinions, instead of communicating and listening. This is also true when prospecting. Most prospects are lost due to miscommunications… from trying to oversell instead of communicating and getting to know your prospects needs.

How could you possibly sell anything to anyone until you have established they have a need

Remember these simple rules of prospecting:

  1. People are looking for reasons to join your team.

  2. People are looking for reasons not to join your team.

  3. There are three things your new prospect doesn’t care about initially. They don’t care about you, your product or your opportunity. And, the very first decision they make is whether to buy you? They buy you first! And if they don’t buy you, they won’t join your team.

They want to know…are you truly interested in them and what they have to say or are you trying to “sell” them on joining? If your purpose is to help them, they will respond favorably. If your purpose is to get them to join no matter what, they will respond not so favorably

If you simply ask them to take a look without any obligation, they will look, because there is no pressure to join. If you are pushy, your prospect will resist. Being pushy is a fear-based approach that never works. Sure, you may talk a few into joining you. But mostly it’s because they want to get rid of you.

Here’s the bottom line: people buy you first. If they don’t buy you, they won’t look or join.

When you look at your level of commitment to your business, you can see why people join you or walk away. Once you see this you’re opening a door to a whole new world of possibility.

Success doesn’t come to you. You have to go out and create it. However, you can become attractive so that others want to be around you. If you are not willing to go out and make it happen though, you are in the wrong business. Success at ANYTHING is a result of “cause and effect.” In other words, you “cause” the “effect” to happen.

When you firmly decide to do or have something, and nothing less will do, you are in harmony with that thing. In other words, you are resonating on the same frequency with what you want. Looking at it another way. When you want success but you have doubt, you are out of harmony with success.

First a mini-education on what science has proven about the nature of the universe –

Because once you get it you’ll open yourself up to unlimited possibility. Think about it. People laughed at ideas like space travel, Maxwell Smart and his telephone wristwatch, a round earth, and so on…

This is about opening your eyes – wide – to a power that like most, you’ve probably been mis-using your entire life…or at least from the time when someone in your life told you “you can’t.”

Think about it. If we had learned about how the creative process really works as kids –

If we had been allowed and encouraged to follow our passions and bliss, what a different world it would be! In fact, kids know this instinctively.

Here is all the science you need to know, and just about any recent book on quantum physics you can find today will support this undeniably: First, everything in this universe – even that which appears to be empty space – is energy. That includes you, me, the dog, my desk, and even, and especially your thoughts and feelings.  You know, those atoms, molecules and subatomic particles…that kind of “quantum stuff.”

Second, all energy vibrates at a certain frequency. And depending on the rate of the frequency, we experience energy in different ways. A rock has a different vibrational energy than water. When something or someone vibrates at a certain frequency, it naturally resonates with things with the same frequency.

For example, when you meet someone new, you get a “feeling for that person”…positive, negative, angry, clinging, desperate…and they get feeling for you, right? And, we almost always judge by the first impression. You see if you believe that it takes “hard work” to prospect and meet strangers. Or you believe that wealth is not possible for you, then you’ll have all the evidence you need all around you to “prove” your point. In other words, those beliefs have created your view of the world and people will give you back the exact experience you are projecting out.

So if you believe that prospecting is difficult you are resonating difficulty.

You didn’t attract the “difficulty” you actually created it by your point of view… your belief. You actually view the world in that way, therefore creating your own difficulties when it comes to prospecting. In other words, you create your world by how you perceive it… or feel about it, and how people perceive and feel about you.

It would be a physical impossibility for you to experience anything other than difficulty when you are putting out an intention of “difficulty.”  This is consistent with everyone…all the time. Look at your own life and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

One important question? Which comes first success or the feeling of success?

Some think that when they become successful they will feel successful when in reality, the opposite is true.

Again, if you look at your own life, your prospecting, your income, you’ll see exactly the decisions you made and how you created those results through cause and effect.

The trap we fall into is thinking that we experience what we do because of our circumstances. When the reality is, that we are experiencing our circumstances because of the decisions we’ve made and the way we think and feel. Cause and effect.

The fact is, that most of us are creating our experience by default. In other words, we’re “coasting” emotionally and subsequently creating into our experience, situations, and circumstances that are consistent with what we’re feeling and thinking based upon the decisions we have consciously or unconsciously made.

A good exercise I might recommend is to look in the mirror and ask, “what’s it like being prospected by someone like me?” Would I respond to me? Would I take a look?

Whether or not you believe this concept doesn’t matter in the least. Cause and effect always have been, and always will be, at work in your life and business – waiting to do your bidding when you are ready.

You’re either created by default, or you can choose to create the business and life you desire by choice. Which makes more sense to you?  There are no other choices! Either use cause and effect by default or by intent. Either wait and hope to attract more prospects or hope they find you… or make a decision and go out and find them.

There is no right or wrong here… it’s just a choice based on how you want to live your life and grow your business

So if you want to stubbornly cling to a belief system that says you have no control over your destiny, even though you can look all around you and see the infinite possibilities, then you are free to believe that. That’s called creating by default…and that’s okay if that’s what you choose to do. Again, there is no right and wrong here.

Let me give you the real secret to creating the life you want. It’s not a person’s belief in the creating process that makes it work, but rather it’s their conflicting disempowering beliefs, feelings, and thinking that keep it from working the way they want. Take action, yes, on what you believe. But first, let go of the things that throw you off track.

One of the most important components of effective prospecting is to let go of the need to control the outcome. An outcome is simply an outcome, neither good or bad, just an outcome. Someone says “no” that’s an outcome. Someone says “yes” that’s an outcome. Some will join you and some won’t. Take the ones that will and leave the rest…move on.

Prospecting correctly or sitting in front of the computer on Facebook pretending to be busy prospecting, posting and hoping, are both a decision. And, as far as I know, nobody has ever been killed by a prospect…the worst that could happen is you get a “no.” So big deal!

Letting go of the negative experience requires three things… an intention, willingness, and commitment. In fact, to do anything requires intention, willingness, and commitment. In fact, hanging on to a fear of prospecting requires intention, willingness, and commitment.

If for example, you find yourself feeling that fear of prospecting, stop and ask yourself what the outcome will be if you continue…or if you don’t.  To change you have to make a conscious choice to take another course of action that will move you in the direction of your desired outcome.

Growing your business shouldn’t be that hard. Prospecting shouldn’t be that hard. It should be fun. Create your intention and then step out of the way and allow the opportunities to present themselves. And then take advantage of the opportunity right in front of you.

The key is to not let fear, doubt, other people, or mind chatter run your business or your life.  You don’t need the perfect plan first.  What you need is a perfectly clear decision about where you are going, and then allow the ideal way to get you there to show up.

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[The Art of Prospecting-Jim Britt]

Jim Britt

Jim Britt

Jim Britt is the creator of the groundbreaking best-selling program “The Power of Letting Go” designed to help people let go of the blocks that stop their success in all areas of life. For more info on The Power of Letting Go or Do This-Get Rich For Network Marketers

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He has presented seminars throughout the world sharing his success principles and life enhancing realizations with thousands of audiences, totaling over 1,000,000 people from all walks of life.

Jim has served as a success counselor to over 300 corporations worldwide. He was recently named as one of the world’s top 20 success coaches. He also mentored/coached Anthony Robbins for his first five years in business.

Early in Jim’s speaking career he was co-founder and president of Dr. Denis Waitley’s Psychology of Winning, business partner with late great Jim Rohn and president of Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s, Psycho Cybernetics, International.

Jim is more than aware of the challenges we all face in making adaptive changes for a sustainable, happy and successful future.
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