PUBLISHING: The Part-Time Art of Book Creation by Brian Mast

Paul was busy with his networking business. But he wanted to create a book. He knew a book would bring him increased respect, recognition, and open doors. He also knew that his book would also be an easy sell to…

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Prospects respond more to the romantic packaging than to the product or service. You can romance
The getting started part is what everyone will want to know. What is that talent you
The marketing methods of the past are losing effectiveness as consumers are getting smarter and
And the three elements you must have to make yours succeed. That Michel Fortin is one
Endear Yourself to your Audience with Story Telling At the ripe old age of 18,
Brian Mast

Brian Mast

Brian Mast and George Madiou have teamed up to create, the publishing outlet for the thousands of networkers who have books inside of them that will positively impact the world. If this is you, contact us at
Brian Mast
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