The Seven C’s of Success by Chris Widener

Get ready to sail the Seven C’s – the Seven C’s of Success that is. Learn to navigate your ship of destiny in these seven “C’s” if you want to be a total success. Here they are, in alphabetical order:…

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Be amazing. Be pretty. Be cool. Be smart. Be happy. Be strong. And most important,
Before jumping right into the business of making money and making lots of it, let’s
You never close a sale. You only begin a long-term relationship where both parties win.
Review your performance. Whether it's communication, whether it's activity, whether it's a CEO, whether it's
The theme for this month's issue is abundance mindset. I believe that mindset is everything!
Chris Widener

Chris Widener

Chris Widener is an example of how anyone can overcome any odds to achieve a successful life and help others achieve the same. Chris has overcome many obstacles... living through his father dying suddenly when he was four, being sent away from his family to live with relatives at age nine and becoming involved with drugs and alcohol by the age of twelve. Chris overcame those obstacles and has for the last ten years worked with some of the most financially successful families in America, helping them to achieve both personally and professionally. Now he can do the same for you!
Chris Widener
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