Three Steps To Effective Prospecting. By George Madiou

Three Steps To Effective Prospecting. By George Madiou

I’ve often said that, here at TheNetworkMarketingMagazine, by far the most popular subject that we’ve ever covered was prospecting.

As a matter of fact it’s not only the number one subject that the magazine has ever covered, the number 2 topic is the next 9 subjects put together, and that number 2 is a distant second!

There are many skilled leaders in network marketing that have the ability to prospect effectively. Some of these people, you can drop into a town of 300 in the middle of a desert and at the end of the month they’ll be driving out of that town with the pink Cadillac!

For most networkers that’s not the case.

Most networkers, both new to the business and networkers who have been around awhile, have both the fear of talking to people and the inability to really understand what it is that they should be talking about.

Over the years that I’ve studied this phenomenon, I realized that there are a handful of things that take prospecting to an effective level.

These three things are……

  1. The questions that you would ask someone and where do you ask it

  2. What is an effective way to get someone’s attention.

  3. What is the system to track the people (in your pipeline) that are listening to you and the ability to continue to answer the questions of concern to them and follow up with them.

Number one, asking the right questions, just requires listening to what the other person is saying or has a concern over. The where part of this is, the appropriateness of entering into a conversation. Sometimes having a lengthy conversation is not appropriate at the time so this is the reason why it’s important to get their attention and to say something that possibly addresses what they have a concern over and to allow them to know that there is a solution to there situation.

The opportunity to go into more detail at the appropriate time can then satisfy your prospects curiosity by getting them into a pathway where they understand that there is a solution and a great solution. Most of the time, for someone to understand that there is a great solution to there situation, they have to hear it more than once and hear it in a number of different ways. The big companies have learned to solve this problem and if you recognize how they do it it’s through repetition. That’s because a person doesn’t make a decision just with the first time exposed to an idea. Statistically, it takes a person 5, 6 or 7 impressions to understand that what they’re listening to really has value to them.

Over the years I’ve been successful in answering a question and giving information through the use of Technology specifically that technology is the use of sales funnels.

The first part of the sales funnel is an opening. That opening might be a short video that addresses a particular problem and a solution to that problem. That video usually is less than a minute but it’s enough to get the attention of the person watching it, to a point where they want to know more in the second step.

The second part of the sales funnel is the end of that initial impression. Making that initial part, of what we call the lead capture page, Moves your prospect down a pathway of getting more information. This will satisfy your prospect’s curiosity.

The lead capture page consist of asking for just a first name and email address to get “the rest of the story.” While we’re moving our prospect down a pathway of the rest of the story, from the first video, it also allows us to start a autoresponder email campaign (adding to the number short impressions the prospect is exposed to.) This campaign should be between 6 to 8, two to three line informative emails and it could could be as much as 12 or 15 short short emails over a period of time.

These emails just add to the verification that there is a solution to the problem that will be solved with an effective, personalized “call to action” with each problem solving email.

Additional pathways in the sales funnel is the ability for the prospect to go down different informative paths. One direction may consist of information or additional videos of what could solve their problem based on your product or service or it could move them down a pathway if their problem resolves around money and could address that by showing your prospect haw your opportunity addresses that.

The sales funnel has the ability to be used whether or not you are passing that information on through a link on a business card or sending it in an email or a text message or utilizing it with some of the new technologies that are out there, such as proximity transmitters.

The one technology that I use is called my prospecting magnet it’s a device that sends out a message from this device to a smart phone. Usually the message is just a short message to get somebody’s attention. The device transmits that message to a smart phone within a local proximity of the device up to 300 feet. The initial message that I like using is called a shock message. The reason why we call it a shock messages when a person gets the message on their phone you want them to click on it and not ignore it.

So for example if you represent a company that has toxic free products in your product line, that shock message might be

“You’re poisoning your family click here.”

When they click their it opens up to a capture page that explains in less than a minute how they are poisoning their family. Some of the worst messages that I’ve seen is a message that gets completely ignored such as “click here to find out how you could make an enormous amount of money by joining me in my network marketing business.” Obviously it’s a meaningless message that does get to the phone, but doesn’t go to the next step of having them wanting to know more, so they never click through to the next part of your message.

When the person sees the original message we just talked about, and wants to know how their family is being poisoned and they see a very compelling message of how our environment is poisoning them and their families after less than a minute they are moved down into the sales funnel and they are asked if they want to find out more.

They are prompted to get the rest of the story by putting their first name and email address and as soon as they do that it opens up to the rest of the story of the initial 1-minute video simultaneously it moves them to a auto responder email that may start an email campaign talking about specific products and how it overcomes the poisoning affect their family of common products that there presently using.

This new technology is perfect for anybody that feels uncomfortable and talking to strangers. As long as the message is compelling enough to keep a person going down that sells funnel pathway, prospects will be created.

In the example above I know of one mother who brings her three young kids to a gymnastic class so she is sitting in the bleachers watching her children and she has her prospecting magnet broadcasting that message that we just stated. In this case the placement of the message is perfect for her business.

I know of another owner of a company that sells Sports Products, team shirts, and those types of products, he is constantly at sporting events basketball, football, baseball, hockey and the message that is broadcasted is a message for that particular teams products. So his placement of his device is at the events where his product would have enormous interest with the people that are receiving the message.

There are two particular products that I use in this strategy one from a company that I’ve used for over 10 years called The Power Marketing System and the second is the technology of the transmitter called My Prospecting Magnet.

It doesn’t matter what systems you use, what does matter is that you are getting your message in front of great prospects and you use a system that gets a complete and effective message to that prospect.

Feel free to contact me if you and your team are interested in finding out more on how to imploy this effective system


George Madiou

George Madiou

George Madiou is a full-blooded Entrepreneur, complete with validating credentials, Degrees in Marketing and Management from SUNY and NYU (could ya guess he's a native New Yorker!) To date George has owned over 30 businesses, and says they varied from wildly successful to outrageous learning experiences. Among other successful ventures George has achieved high pin levels in two different network marketing companies.

George loves the thrill of teaming up with great people and seeing projects come to life and that passion is responsible for this magazine getting off the ground over 12 years ago. George partnered with his good friend John Milton Fogg and here we all (and we includes you the reader) are, making history happen.

George lives in a small town named Boca Raton, Florida. He says "If this isn't Heaven, I know that God at least vacations here." Without question, the joy of his life is his family. He and Debbie are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. They have two great young adult children, His son David and daughter Sara who is married to the greatest son-in-law Greg and the new love of his life, his first grandchild Jacob David!
George Madiou


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