ULTIMATE NETWORKING – Personal Branding by George Dubec

George Dubec

Why you must build your personal brand.

Before you begin the business of networking, you must establish who and what you are? Personal branding dictates as to how you appear to the world and how they perceive you initially.

The development of your personal brand involves creating a voice, personality, logo, biography, and storyline, which includes what you want to be known for and how you wish others to regard you.

Previously the term “branding” was relegated to companies; however, every individual in today’s world gets labeled, stereotyped and is branded by others along with acquiring a reputation. Unless you consciously cultivate your personal brand, your reputation, whether deserved or not, is many times built upon by false assumptions, misinformation, gossip, rumors or other. Take control of how you want to be known and perceived by others. Once people know who you are and what you do, they will identify you based on your personal branding. If you brand yourself with proper foresight and planning, your brand will indicate to others that you are a professional in your field or have a specific area of understanding or expertise. You will be well on your way to becoming a known expert in your niche or industry.

An effective personal brand will influence others, and you will reap the following benefits……..

  • Recognition and prestige

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Greater credibility and increased trust

  • Higher perceived value

  • Association with specific products, services, and projects

  • Better understanding, by others, of who and what you are all about

  • Easier to meet and find targeted prospects and ideal clients

  • Creation of the desired image

  • Elevates your social and business status

  • Separates you from the crowd

  • Promotion of your mission, vision, and values






How to build your personal brand?

  • Define who and what you are

  • Start thinking of yourself as your brand

  • Create a digital presence with domain names, websites, virtual business cards, mobile sites and on social media

  • Associate with strong brands and build connections

  • Create and script a compelling story (use your background, experience, and previous accomplishments)

  • Find a niche, don’t generalize or be too broad-based

  • Make use of an appropriate sig file, resume, logo, good HD photos, background summary, good references, business cards

  • Create a “Business Networker Profile” for all of your main products, services, and projects

  • Manage your appearance and apparel (be consistent in projecting the right image that suits your branding efforts)

  • Engage in frequent audits of your personal brand to see how it is to be perceived by others (social media profiles, family members, friends, neighbors, and associates)  

  • Become an influencer and known expert in your field by speaking at events (especially industry related). Provide expert content for blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, articles plus seek radio and TV appearances

  • Find out how you rank with others in your field (use tools such as buzzsumo.com)

  • Hire a personal branding specialist (optional)


Ultimate Networking Branding – George Dubec

George Dubec

George Dubec

GEORGE DUBEC is considered one of the top Internet Marketing Experts in the USA! He started his career in 1995 as VP of sales for a company that produced a TV SET-TOP box that provided Internet to television. In 1997 he became VP of Sales and Marketing for one of the top web design and hosting firms in the Southeast. He hosted and produced the “Internet Business Hour” radio show, broadcast in over 35 markets for 12 years. George became an independent consultant in 2010 and has worked with top companies and organizations to help them use the Internet to promote their products and services successfully and get more traffic and more sales. He has been an outstanding judge for the Web Awards since 2006 reviewing all the top websites in the world! Because of his years of experience, he is considered a top connector in the high tech world, which gives him access to the best resources available, all the latest cutting edge technologies and up to date programs, systems and software.A nationally recognized speaker about “How to do Business on the Internet,” he presents to groups, organizations, companies and at trade shows on a national basis.

GEORGE DUBEC is considered one of the top Internet Marketing Experts in the USA!

- VP of Sales for Miami based Set-Top Box company providing Internet to TV
(1995 – 1997)
- VP of Marketing and Sales for one of the top web design and hosting companies in the Southeast (1997 – 2010)
- Producer and host of the “Internet Business Hour” radio show in 35 major markets (1998 – 2010)
- Outstanding judge for the Web Awards (www.webaward.org) since 2006 including “Mobile Web Awards,” “Internet Advertising Competition” and “Web Development”
- Independent Internet Consultant (2010 to present) helping top companies use the Internet effectively to promote their products and services
- National speaker at trade shows, technology events, seminars and for major corporations presenting the latest, up to date information about the Internet and technology
George Dubec


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