What makes a great trainer? By Mark Davis

What makes a great trainer?

When you look online – there are a lot of articles talking about what makes a good trainer. When I searched, I found 5 articles right away!

I agree with most of the points they make, in fact, all of them are positive attributes or traits that a person needs in order to teach or train or speak in public. Not all are as important as others, and some are more about what a  trainer does, rather than their personal traits.

I’m not going to cover all of them in this article. Just a few of the key ones that  I feel are vital in the personality or the ‘makeup’ of a great trainer. Hopefully, I’ll get around to discussing more of them in a future edition.

Good trainers need to be:

Organized and Prepared Respected and Trusted Disciplined and Instructional Experienced and Knowledgeable Passionate and Entertaining

Influential on their audience and themselves Rapport builder

As well as being:

Flexible Adaptable Intelligent Approachable Student-focused Good Listeners Storytellers Instructors

Imaginative Idealistic Communicators Readers Confident

Ask yourself right now, which of these do you feel you have mastered? And, which do you still need to work on.

Each trainer is unique – I am definitely a big fan of creating your own style and staying true to it. Your character needs to develop and mature as you become a better trainer. Think about the list above, and over time, I hope you can pick more and more of them as areas you have mastered.



What Makes a Great Trainer- Mark Davis

Mark Davis

Mark Davis

Mark Davis is an international speaker, trainer and social entrepreneur whose passion is to inspire people to grow, lead and connect.

Mastery of Communication across the verbal, written and online area has helped him teach and train tens of thousands of people around the world.

Mark’s background and passion lies in speaking and training, helping people to develop and connect with like-minded individuals. During Mark’s speaking and training career, he has:

*Been a feature speaker at Networking *Mastermind Conference
*Developed online strategies for key networking leaders
*Built communities within organisations to facilitate more fluid idea-sharing
*Become an internationally-renowned speaker and traveling life coach
*Conducted public speaking, social media and internet marketing workshops across the USA, UK, Canada, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Romania, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Mark is also passionate about coaching, travelling and making a positive social impact.

Mark has helped Australian communities across the nation gain access to quality training, and fresh food when they need it most through not-for-profit partnerships. He’s used his experience in developing and growing initiatives in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland to launch multiple projects across the world to meet various community needs.

Mark resides in Australia, working on new projects as a social entrepreneur. In addition to his community initiatives, Mark also heads a new social enterprise, Feed More People, which works to provide assistance to communities in need across the globe.
Mark Davis

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