What Generation Y Can Teach Us About MLM by Jackie Ulmer

This could be the best thing that ever happened to you, your business and Network Marketing as a whole. Generation Y. They have lots of labels. And many of them are anti-label, so be careful how you use them. The Millennials…

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My message today for the youth of today and tomorrow is take a serious look
The most important thing of all is to keep inviting people  I’m a lot more
The business always has been and always will be about finding the right people at
Today we find people switching jobs like they change their underwear. This new paradigm shines
Mighty Monthly Musings One mustn't abandon their belief that just a little more effort might
Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer is a Direct Sales team builder, speaker and trainer. She's built an international business from home using online methods like Blogging, podcasting, Facebook Parties and Events and Social Media, while raising her children. Grab her free report – "Profit in Your PJs: My 25 Top Lead Sources Online" at http://JackieUlmer.com
Jackie Ulmer
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