Why Does Your ‘Why’ Matter More Than Anything Else… by, Helen Ober

Helen OberHow many times have you been asked, “What is your WHY?” Easy question to ask, sometimes easy to answer, however, more difficult to know the deepest reasons that matter most. In every new rep training I have conducted,

I start off with this exercise of asking why they decided to join this company. I firmly believe, knowing the answer to this question, is the root of all success.

This is what gives the motivation to learn the skills needed. When we go around the table and have each person share why they are in this business, the most common answer month after month is… to pay off debt or to pay the bills. These reasons are not very compelling, are they? If this is the reason to keep picking up the phone, let rejection roll off our shoulders, or to keep going after having an event cancel, it is not surprising how many people do not stay pursuing their career. Back to that training, part of my coaching training has taught me to encourage folks to discover, what is the question behind the question. I go one by one and say, “Okay, pay off debt. What is the why for that? To not get penalties. What is the why for that? So my husband and I do not fight because of even more debt. What is the why for that? So we have a happier marriage. What is the why for that? So we have more peaceful days.” BINGO… more peace, more love. Now THAT is much more compelling. Get it? It is not the absence of pain but the presence of pleasure. Hopefully I have not lost you and you get the idea. Behind all of our surface reasons for our ‘WHY” are much more meaningful reasons and worth discovering.

So asking ourselves these questions behind the questions, how does that make us find more success?

It is having a realization of our deepest reasons that we are able to persevere through the difficulties of network marketing and go on to experience all the incredible benefits.

Another discovery you may make when searching for your WHY may be something in addition to benefiting you and your family. It may have to do with ‘making a difference’. I believe we are all searching for being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Having this belief in your product for the betterment of health, financial security, self esteem… these are all compelling reasons to persevere.

I encourage you to reflect each day. Are you able to make a difference, whether it be in your home or in the world? Knowing the answer is yes, is a reason to keep on persevering.

Your work is worth it and so are you!

PDF-2 Why Does Your ‘Why’ Matter More Than Anything Else… by Helen Ober

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Helen Ober

Helen Ober is a woman of extraordinary talents. After earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education/Psychology, Helen was a public school teacher while simultaneously working in Direct Sales. She reached the pinnacle of success by being named top recruiter for 10 consecutive years, earner of more than 25 incentive-based trips, a multiple President's Club member, a Quantum Leap achiever for showing outstanding growth, as well as a three time recipient of the Woman of the Year award. Helen has also received the award of #5 in the world in sales in a company that is represented in 9 counties!

With 30 years of direct sales experience, she has mastered selling, recruiting, and coaching others to promote into leadership. Her true love is teaching and helping others how to succeed in business and in life. Thus, her company, LIVING THE EMPOWERED LIFE, was formed. She is an independent certified coach, leadership trainer, and a sought after speaker within her community. As a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team, Helen offers individual and group coaching and facilitates several Master Mind groups weekly. Additionally, Helen currently has a busy schedule presenting workshops and coachingEMPOWERED LADY LEADERS the skills of leadership, self confidence,and influence, whether it be in their own company, a direct sales company, or in their home.

Helen is a member of multiple professional business networks, a past youth missions leader, and an active member of her church community. She is the mother of two and the proud grandmother to Jase and Ryan. She resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband, Gary.

Her credentials and experience shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Helen is leading an empowered life and assisting others to do the same!
To learn more about the services Helen offers go to www.helenober.com or request to join her Facebook group #empowered lady leaders with Helen Ober https://www.facebook.com/groups/290054694708390/
Helen Ober
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